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Sunday, August 15, 2010

♥ C A M E R O N ♥

CAMERON stands for   "Casual And Memorable Entertainment Route Organized by Nexusians!" I know..it's sounds a bit complicated but I've thought for very long to make every alphabets represent a word to make a sentence..and I totally fail! LOL~ It's been three weeks..I didn't update my blog!I feel so sorry and I miss my blog so much! u, BLOGGIE!

"Billy (The Driver), Bryan, Veron, Me and AGu"
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Well, let's move on...The very first faraway from Puchong trip to Cameron Highlands organized by Cherlyn, the dai ka jie of Nexus! LMAO~ It's a two days one night trip there..And it's freaking cold! First pit stop.."Hutan Lipur Lata Iskandar", the greatest creation from God, WATERFALL! The water is so clear and the air...fresh!

The Waterfall! ♥-ly~ 
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Strawberry farm and Cactus valley are the next stops! The flowers are so beautiful..and we had the sweetest strawberry ever! *yummy* Well, I forgot what I ordered but I can still remember the yummy-ness of each desserts! Next....the scariest pit stop I ever been! "The Butterfly Farm" ugh~  It's a nightmare to me..As I've mentioned before..IM AFRAID OF INSECTS!!!!!!!! I've been forced to follow them into this farm..Well, it was okay since the insects are all locked up in boxes..and the butterflies are in the other part of the farm (which I avoid to enter!) *scary* =(  Pack our bags and we are heading to our apartment to get some rest!

On the left, the most yuck-ies insects in the world! *sorry..no butterflies photo as I did not enter that part*
On the right, my favorite flower of all..isn't it beautiful? ♥ it so much!
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"moon tin sing"
another beautiful flower! * but it has a strange smells*
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The delicious and yummy strawberries! (please click for larger image~)

It's dinner time! It's Pasar Malam and Steamboat time! Visited the crowded PM there..Well, from what I observed..The range of things that they sell there are, Fried mushrooms, Strawberries, Strawberry souvenirs and corns. But the corns are delicious! Totally different from what we can get in market. It's much juicier. STEAMBOAT is the next! owh~ full-nyer! And here comes the best part! It's game time! The usual game..punishment? BEER!

Our dinner..STEAMBOAT!ugh~ damn full! 
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Rise and shine! It's shopping day..This is the day where Cherlyn guide us to get some cheap foods and things as souvenirs! So many things to buy! Flowers, Vegetables, Corns and Strawberries! *uumm uhmm* Ops!not to forget the stunning view of TEA FARM! It's so astonishing..The cool air and the great smell of the tea!*BEST*

Isn't it beautiful? I just
♥ the scenery! 
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The yummy Scone from the tea cafe!

I just spending time with all of you..I enjoyed the trip! Thanks to all of you..*muacks* 
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Hmm...I just miss the fun time we had over there although it's like just happened yesterday..When will be our next trip? Full attendance please! *finger crossed*


  1. great colleagues u had.. *jealous* thanks for the preserved strawberry.. it tasted so cameron.. LOL

  2. U r welcome my dear..U can always join us if you want! I would love to get to know more friends if i can!

  3. yeap! it's certainly a great place for vacation! =)