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Monday, July 19, 2010

~chillex! A Place To Chill' n Relax~

It's Chillex time! Love this place so much..It's a great place to chill and relax (this is the definition Chillex~~). I the surrounding there..it gives me a warm and happy feelings. I'm very obsessed with the designs of this place. It's clean and the people there are friendly too.

 (please click for larger image~)

Here are some of the photos which we took there. You can see different environments in Chillex!!~~
 (please click for larger image~)

I've been there for few times. The first time I'm there the foods served are a bit over cooked, so the next time we went there, we asked the chef not to cook the foods for too long. Eventually, the foods came out delicious and much more tastier than the previous time! *yummy*.."mmmmm" THUMBS UP for Chillex!

They served many types of food..local, western and many more..even there are many kinds of drink too..yogurt drinks, hot teas and etc. We tried nasi lemak, seafood spaghetti, chicken chop, tom yum kung too..LOVE it!! But the prices are slightly expensive but it's worth it with such environment! this place is also good for photo taking session too!! my favourite of all~~

 Some food that we ordered. Delicious right?? *mmmmm*

Currently, they are on going a challenge, "Gigantor Challenge". Gigantor represents a large burger..REAL LARGE one!!which the meat weight about 500gram. This serving contains a six inch burger with 2 pieces of meat, fries and a cup of drink. Normally, this serving serve around 3 to 5 people. You are supposed to finish this serving within 20 minutes. If you can than you can win a cash prize of RM350 and many more! But if you lose, all you need to do is pay that meal which costs RM64.90. Want to know more, take a look on this photo!

 Get more information on this contest by clicking on this photo!
 (please click for larger image~)

Here are some information on this special place, Chillex!

Person In Charge :
Aaron Chee (+6012 636 0237)
Address :
2-G-2, Menara 2 @ PFCC,
jalan Puteri 1/2,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100, Puchong,
Type of cuisines :
Mostly local and western
Telephone :
+603 8063 5666
Fax :
+603 8063 5666
Facebook :

Will surely come here again for every yum cha session! -
this place a lot-

Sunday, July 18, 2010


~shisha-heard it, see it, taste it~~
Here is the blog that I promise last week about "shisha". After hoi tong steamboat on that day, few of us went for a yum cha session in OUG. We went to cafe (more to mamak) called "ABC Big Town Cafe". It's full of people that day, maybe it's because that time is still football season. Well, this place is actually famous with something called "shisha".

Here is where we get our shisha~~
All these while I usually think that shisha is something very dirty as people shares a tube for this. But I'm wrong! Everyone is given a "filter". This filter is use to connect the mouth of the tube so that we can inhale the smoke from shisha. So. it's actually something hygienic. When we blow out the smoke, it turns into vapour which it's nothing that can harm your health!

This is what we called ~SHISHA~
"Filter" something that we use on the tube so that you won't be sharing the tube with other people!

There are many flavours for shisha. We ordered "Dark Knight" and "Sexy Back". I tried on them too (both flavours). You can feel the taste when the smoke reaches the throat. I prefer "Dark Knight" as it's a much more acceptable taste compare to "Sexy Back".

This is the tube of shisha..And we are suprised that the tube
colours actually matches our nails colours! *lmao*

The prices of shisha different in every place. Here, each shisha costs RM12. It's an acceptable price. We drank until around 130am that day. Tired~~ And the next day we still need to work! GOSH~~ On wednesday we go to work with a pair of panda eyes! *LOL*

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome back,YANA!~~

This blog is specially write out for my colleague who is just back from her long holiday! Since it's her private problem, I would just love to keep this blog short! She's away for a month and we miss her a lot! When we get to know she's coming back, we throw a small welcoming back party from her. 

She's my longest colleague that I know from this company of mine. She's my senior and we respect her a lot as she helps and educates us a lot in our work. Thanks for all the help and care! The party started out with some magic shows by Billy *again* and then later on the so called cake ceremony! And we are back to work!*boring*
She's Yana and now she's back! ♥ you!!~
 (please click for larger image~)

 The so called "seniors" for production team in my company~~
 (please click for larger image~)

~~The production team members~~ 
 (please click for larger image~)

 The ladies in the company!!~~
Sorry to the guys! Forgot to take you guys punya photos! *LOL*
 (please click for larger image~)

 I just don't understand why..each time my favorite photo surely will be with this "ah pin"..*LMAO*
 (please click for larger image~)

Last but not least, I wish Yana always stays in good health and do take good care of yourself..We will take good care of you too! -love you-

^ dinner at sea sugar ^

-sea sugar- LOL~~ well..it's actually ~Hoi Tong~! It's dinner time and we decided to eat steamboat buffet. I bet most of us know where is hoi tong. It's at Seri Kembangan, Serdang..just few minutes away from my house..There are nine of us..and we reached there around 830pm and we are STARVING!!~~
She's busy cooking~~ But still she has time to pose for photos! *lmao*
(please click for larger image~)

One thing I like about hoi tong is there are various choices of food not only for the steamboat but also the barbecue part..seafood, chicken, beef, lamb and many more..they also serve ice-creams and jelly! mmm..YUMMY!! I love most is their JELLY! delicious~~ It's been ages since the last time I went there so there are some changes on the price. I remembered the last time I've been there it's around RM22 but right now is RM24 per pax. Well, it's still worth it especially to the guys! LOL~~

 This is pot #01. YUMMY~~
(please click for larger image~)
 This is pot #02. My group's pot!Delicious TOM YAM!!~
(please click for larger image~)

They actually improve a lot since the last time I'm there. It's much more cleaner and they soups are much more tastier...especially the TOM YAM!! it!! I tom yam a lot and I think theirs are not bad!The seafood are fresh too. It's just the meat they served there are quite hard to eat as I think maybe it's not that fresh. For example, the beef..it's hard to munch!argh~~
 My favorite JELLY!!~~ **mmmm**
(please click for larger image~)

Overall, I'm satisfied with the foods and the service there. It's a great choice for a dinner gathering like us. and I think in future they will increase the price again, so better wait no more and have a try there!
Group photo #01. The night kaki-es! Not to forget Cherlyn too~~ She's the camera gal for this photo~
(please click for larger image~)

 Group photo #02. All in!~~ * u all*
(please click for larger image~)
 And lastly, this is our leftover! SO WASTING!!(please click for larger image~)

And here are some info to share about this unlimited steamboat buffet!
Location :
Hoi Tong Steamboat
Bukit Serdang,
Seri Kembangan,

Price : 
Adult : RM24.00
Children : RM12.00
5% for service charge is not included yet!
Phone Number : 
03-89436580 and 019-2582509
Foods :
Unlimited seafood/foods
Unlimited ice cream
Unlimited jelly
Unlimited fruits
Unlimited lots more!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"It's your birthday! Mr.Calvin"

Aren't you proud, Calvin? You are in my blog..*haha*
- h a p p y b i r t h d a y - 
He's my cute ex-colleague, Calvin! 
I think we only know each other for less than a year hor? Although the time is short, but I feel like I've known you guys for years! I love hanging out with you all..with all the jokes and fun around! It keeps me happy..

He's cute and lovely. He likes to joke especially about toilets and shit! *LOL* hmm..what else?he's nice..he used to buy us keropok lekor for tea time and he loves his girlfriend so much! Am I right, Calvin? *keke* So, when are you buying us keropok lekor again?

We went to Asia One Cafe for his birthday celebration in Puchong and we get him a secret recipe cake. If I'm not wrong is chocolate cheese right? He's very happy that day as his best buddy was back from Australia and gave him a surprise too!
They look lovely right? Calvin and his girlfriend,Celeste.
Behind him is his buddy, Cheah Zi Chang and his girlfriend, Natalie.
~Nicholas and Sam, his best brothers from Nexus~
From the left : Me, Fong, and Chloe. ♥ love you all! ♥

Before I end this blog, here are some details about the cafe that we visited for this.
Asia One Cafe
36  & 38, 
Jalan Puteri 1/2, 
Bandar Puteri Puchong, 
47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: 03 8063 8033 
Fax: 03 8063 8011
Type of cuisine :
Fusion, Japanese, Korean, Local
Price :
Actually the price is reasonable. It's about the normal price where you can get in other cafe. But there are a lot of choices here! And the environment is fits for "chui sui".
*hugs and kisses*

Saturday, July 3, 2010

~KLCC day~

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I'm supposed to go for a movie marathon with my colleagues. On the other hand, a *handsome*(*ehem ehem*) guy asked me out to KLCC for lunch and to do some window shopping. At last I make up my mind and choose to go out on a date with him! LOL~~ ( he will kill me if he read this! XD )

I reached KLCC around 1130am and he's there waiting for me already! We decided to go Chlli's. We ordered a main course and a side dish to share as we know we can't finish the whole meal. We ordered "Fireworks Grilled Chicken" and a "Grilled Prawn Salad". The best part of this meal is, we ordered free flows fruit juice! There are six choices of fruit juices! Apple, Tomato, Pineapple, Green Guava, Mango and Orange. And guess what?? We tried all the juices except pineapple! well, the fruit juices are not bad except one! TOMATO!! *eewwweee* I really can't accept that taste!The lunch costs us RM 80++.

After our lunch, we went for window shopping!! I thought we were doing window shopping, not until we went into ISETAN! We spotted Guess handbags on sales! The sales is up to 60%~~ Too bad, I do not have extra to spend for this month so I can't afford to get one. But, he bought one of it!! It costs him RM200++ even is after discount! Well, it's not for him thou and it's not for me too =( , but it's for his sisters!GOSH!! How I wish I'm his sister..Can I ar?? *muahahaha*

This is what we ordered in Chilli's.
The yellow one is green guava while the red one is TOMATO!! *eeewwwee*
This is the bag that costs him RM200++. It's a baby belle collection. I wonder which year of collections is this? *ehem*

Friday, July 2, 2010

~ In'Health and Beaute Expo~ ♥

Today I had a bad start early in the morning just as I started my journey to work..It's really a disaster..But I should thank to this disaster..If this does not happen, then I will not take half day leave (well, it's actually more than half day leave..LOL~~ )..From here, I've found a great thing to share with all of you!

I was in a bad mood, so I called my ji muis out to accompany me..after a great lunch in Oldtown we went to shop as they are the shopaholics! *hehe*..After Daphne left for work, me and Vivian went for a beauty fair in MIECC, Mines Resort City. "In'Health and Beaute Expo"..And here comes my best part of today! So much to see, to learn and to benefit from this expo~~ You can get voucher, discount on some beauty's products and even cheap manicure!!

We collected a few free vouchers and then we head for the manicure!! *OMG* the manicure is the BEST!! It only cost us RM19 for this manicure (10 fingers lar =D ) This RM19 is for one colour selection and one design of stamping..There will be extra charge on adding colours and design..It's so CHEAP!!~~ and there are various designs for you to choose..Isn't that a BOOM~~

This is the expo that I went with Vivienne. Better come to have a look before you miss out anything!
And this is what I get from the expo. It's only RM19..Isn't it cheap??

Daphne and Vivienne..thanks a lot for accompanying me...I really appreciate you girls so much..I really don't know what to do without both of you today! ❤ you girls! And to all my friends out there..thanks for the cares and loves..I know you guys have been worried about me today..thanks a lot for the calls and messages! *huggies*

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I don't know why this word suddenly come into my mind. Am I looking for someone to bless me or I feel blessed? Everyone has their own story..their story of life..they have their own difficulties, their happiness, and even their own sadness..But everything depends on how you think..Recently I come across a saying by William Shakespeare- "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

Hmm..I agree with this saying but looks like I have failed implementing this to my life. Everyone have their own thinking..and we cant change others no matter how disagree you are..Recently, I'm worried about my friends..and this has brought us to some conflicts..We have different opinions on something and me as a friend try hard to care about them..Well, I guess I'm over worried about them. But I feel relieved as right now I know what they are dealing with..Although I still don't agree but as long they are conscious about what they are doing, I'm sure nothing can stop them..

Anyway, I wish and pray the best for them. Hopefully they will get what they want as soon as possible. Me as your friend will continue supporting you guys! All the best! *finger crossed*

P/s: about the conflict, i hope that it does not affects our friendship! =)