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Saturday, July 3, 2010

~KLCC day~

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I'm supposed to go for a movie marathon with my colleagues. On the other hand, a *handsome*(*ehem ehem*) guy asked me out to KLCC for lunch and to do some window shopping. At last I make up my mind and choose to go out on a date with him! LOL~~ ( he will kill me if he read this! XD )

I reached KLCC around 1130am and he's there waiting for me already! We decided to go Chlli's. We ordered a main course and a side dish to share as we know we can't finish the whole meal. We ordered "Fireworks Grilled Chicken" and a "Grilled Prawn Salad". The best part of this meal is, we ordered free flows fruit juice! There are six choices of fruit juices! Apple, Tomato, Pineapple, Green Guava, Mango and Orange. And guess what?? We tried all the juices except pineapple! well, the fruit juices are not bad except one! TOMATO!! *eewwweee* I really can't accept that taste!The lunch costs us RM 80++.

After our lunch, we went for window shopping!! I thought we were doing window shopping, not until we went into ISETAN! We spotted Guess handbags on sales! The sales is up to 60%~~ Too bad, I do not have extra to spend for this month so I can't afford to get one. But, he bought one of it!! It costs him RM200++ even is after discount! Well, it's not for him thou and it's not for me too =( , but it's for his sisters!GOSH!! How I wish I'm his sister..Can I ar?? *muahahaha*

This is what we ordered in Chilli's.
The yellow one is green guava while the red one is TOMATO!! *eeewwwee*
This is the bag that costs him RM200++. It's a baby belle collection. I wonder which year of collections is this? *ehem*


  1. why de handsome with ' ' :P
    told that i can rend u for special occasion de la...

  2. still need ask why ar?? rent and give is different..so be your sister is more jiok sou!LOL~~ so, at last who took the bag?

  3. oh my. that bag is RM200? i dun understand.

  4. that bag is actually rm500++..but that day they have sales up to 60%..so that bag costs only RM200 after discount lor..It's "GUESS" mar..

  5. owh.. i want a guess bag too.. but no discount cuz new arrival.. T.T

  6. that's y mention, i wonder which year of collections is that! LOL~~

  7. i wanted a GUES bag too! but just released... no discount.. T.T