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Friday, July 2, 2010

~ In'Health and Beaute Expo~ ♥

Today I had a bad start early in the morning just as I started my journey to work..It's really a disaster..But I should thank to this disaster..If this does not happen, then I will not take half day leave (well, it's actually more than half day leave..LOL~~ )..From here, I've found a great thing to share with all of you!

I was in a bad mood, so I called my ji muis out to accompany me..after a great lunch in Oldtown we went to shop as they are the shopaholics! *hehe*..After Daphne left for work, me and Vivian went for a beauty fair in MIECC, Mines Resort City. "In'Health and Beaute Expo"..And here comes my best part of today! So much to see, to learn and to benefit from this expo~~ You can get voucher, discount on some beauty's products and even cheap manicure!!

We collected a few free vouchers and then we head for the manicure!! *OMG* the manicure is the BEST!! It only cost us RM19 for this manicure (10 fingers lar =D ) This RM19 is for one colour selection and one design of stamping..There will be extra charge on adding colours and design..It's so CHEAP!!~~ and there are various designs for you to choose..Isn't that a BOOM~~

This is the expo that I went with Vivienne. Better come to have a look before you miss out anything!
And this is what I get from the expo. It's only RM19..Isn't it cheap??

Daphne and Vivienne..thanks a lot for accompanying me...I really appreciate you girls so much..I really don't know what to do without both of you today! ❤ you girls! And to all my friends out there..thanks for the cares and loves..I know you guys have been worried about me today..thanks a lot for the calls and messages! *huggies*

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