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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome back,YANA!~~

This blog is specially write out for my colleague who is just back from her long holiday! Since it's her private problem, I would just love to keep this blog short! She's away for a month and we miss her a lot! When we get to know she's coming back, we throw a small welcoming back party from her. 

She's my longest colleague that I know from this company of mine. She's my senior and we respect her a lot as she helps and educates us a lot in our work. Thanks for all the help and care! The party started out with some magic shows by Billy *again* and then later on the so called cake ceremony! And we are back to work!*boring*
She's Yana and now she's back! ♥ you!!~
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 The so called "seniors" for production team in my company~~
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~~The production team members~~ 
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 The ladies in the company!!~~
Sorry to the guys! Forgot to take you guys punya photos! *LOL*
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 I just don't understand why..each time my favorite photo surely will be with this "ah pin"..*LMAO*
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Last but not least, I wish Yana always stays in good health and do take good care of yourself..We will take good care of you too! -love you-

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