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Sunday, July 18, 2010


~shisha-heard it, see it, taste it~~
Here is the blog that I promise last week about "shisha". After hoi tong steamboat on that day, few of us went for a yum cha session in OUG. We went to cafe (more to mamak) called "ABC Big Town Cafe". It's full of people that day, maybe it's because that time is still football season. Well, this place is actually famous with something called "shisha".

Here is where we get our shisha~~
All these while I usually think that shisha is something very dirty as people shares a tube for this. But I'm wrong! Everyone is given a "filter". This filter is use to connect the mouth of the tube so that we can inhale the smoke from shisha. So. it's actually something hygienic. When we blow out the smoke, it turns into vapour which it's nothing that can harm your health!

This is what we called ~SHISHA~
"Filter" something that we use on the tube so that you won't be sharing the tube with other people!

There are many flavours for shisha. We ordered "Dark Knight" and "Sexy Back". I tried on them too (both flavours). You can feel the taste when the smoke reaches the throat. I prefer "Dark Knight" as it's a much more acceptable taste compare to "Sexy Back".

This is the tube of shisha..And we are suprised that the tube
colours actually matches our nails colours! *lmao*

The prices of shisha different in every place. Here, each shisha costs RM12. It's an acceptable price. We drank until around 130am that day. Tired~~ And the next day we still need to work! GOSH~~ On wednesday we go to work with a pair of panda eyes! *LOL*

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