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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Which one will you choose? Without money, you've got no life..without life.,money is what? I don't know how to explain my feelings right now. I only can say..my heart pains when I heard that from you. Does it worth it? You put down your dignity and without shame you rather do that just for one reason. "You want to earn more to get a better living". To me, I don't agree..dignity is nothing too..but what worth more than money and dignity is my life! The real measure of wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money!!Isn't that much more important?

All this while I thought we have the same thinking on this. We never agree on this type of action..Yes..I admit, without money, I can't do anything but there's still many ways to earn more. Right now, I'm speechless. All I can do is hope and pray for the best for you. But bare in mind that "Money often costs too much"..

♥ kRystLe

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

- m i s s -

Who could define "miss"? What is "miss" all about? For me,"Miss" is a kind of feeling where no one can explain or express it in words. Only the person who feels it understands it well. hmm..to me.."miss" is actually a very subjective feeling. It's all depends on the situations. It could be a sweet miss, friendly miss, sad miss or an enemy type of miss. No matter what, as long as you thought of that person, it's already a "miss".

Right now I'm undergoing a sad miss. Yes, I admit this blog is direct to that someone(Friends who know me should know who I'm talking about), but so what? It's my blog and I've got the right to express all out.. Letting this out does not mean that I'm expecting anything..I'm just expressing myself.

Sometimes I wonder, is it because I'm used to it?or do I really miss it?But somehow, i think it connects..is it?

It is 29th of June 2010..it's officially a month after our break up..and this is the duration that I've given myself to put him down. I'm half way succeed. Maybe it's more than half. I seems to enjoy my life thou and I will continue enjoying it to the fullest!

To me, it's usual to have such feelings as I'm not emotionless. I wonder if there's anyone out there feels the same like I do. I always have this feeling in me.."I know I would not want to continue this but still I do put hope on it"..y??anyone out there have such feelings too?It's so weird to me but this is what I'm feeling right now..

Well, thanks to all my friends for all their cares and loves..From the start I'm already on the wrong way..I know it all the while but still i gave a chance on it..right now, I will not repeat my mistake again! Although I still miss him sometimes but I only miss who i thought he was and not the one he is right now!~~

Take care everyone!

Monday, June 28, 2010

~Girlish Look Out Point~

"Happy Girlish Day!!"..It's Friday night..It's party night!!We decided to go Look Out Point for our *yummy* dinner!!Left office around 7pm and reached there around 8pm. It's cold and windy that night as it was drizzling on our way there. I ordered something called "Fatayer Combo"..hmm. .sounds nice and the waiter said it's combination of spinach, lamb, beef, chicken and zattar (which i don't really know what is that)..And for drinks..I ordered my Peach Tea again!*slurpppp*..I was eager to know what do fatayer looks like..and here comes my food!
It's actually some kind of middle east bread which stuffed with meats and vegetable.

Well, I admit the first taste was like Indian bread wrap with meats which are over spiced with Indian ingredients. I can accept the taste of it..not until Vivian complained about it!Argh!!She said it tasted like Indian Armpit smell!OMG!!And I have ate half plate of it~~
These are their foods and our drinks..the drinks are delicious!!♥

Casin and Fong ordered Grilled Chicken Chop while Vivan and Cherlyn ordered Seafood spaghetti. And their food taste more yummy than mine a thousand times!!~~ The whole dinner costs us RM110. well, it's not expensive and I think the prices are around the same with normal western restaurant in KL City. After dinner, we went for a walk to capture more photos!~~♥ KL Night View ♥ ~~
Kl night view..Pretty isn't it?
The *girlish* member of the night!!~~
This is where we had our dinner..*yummy*

Here is the map where can lead you to this place.

p/s : There will be a video for this event.Stay tuned!!~~

Sunday, June 27, 2010

♥ The A-Team ♥

It's movie day!!Booked 5 tickets (me, Vivian, Cherlyn, David and Billy) to watch "The A-Team" in Midvalley at 1130pm..midnight movie!!*cun*.. We reached there around 1045..collected our tickets and went for our late night dinner in "The Little Taiwan"..The foods there were okay..I will give three stars out of five. I ordered a garlic toast and peach red tea while Vivian and Cherlyn ordered noodles..Billy ordered "Watermelon Snow"..tasted like medicine!*muahahaha*... eeEEwWWWw~~ I love my drink the most!"It's really very PICHIE!!~"

*Our super late dinner*
Then we move on to our movie!"The A-Team"..It's a hilarious action movie..worth watching..The four main actors are so "man" while the main actress is so "lovely"..
~the main four actors in this movie~
Couldn't get a better image..sowie*

"Murdock"-one of my favorite actor in this movie!
He's the physco hero in this movie~

" BA a.k.a Baracus" - He's so cute in this movie~
He's afraid of flying in a plane or a helicopter! Funny!!

~~There's always a plan!~~

~tay hui pin's BIRTHDAY!!~

It's Monday night..and it's my colleague's birthday!"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VIVIAN!!" We planned to give her a surprise party which is barbecue party in Billy's playground. And our surprise party is really a successful one! We managed to surprise her as I cheated her that we will be going SS2 pasar malam. But instead of going there we end up barbecue-ing in Puchong! Everyone attended that party even our ex-colleagues(*well,of course we didn't invite our boss!*)!! Sam, Calvin and Chloe were there too..That's why the party was a blast especially it's full with magic shows, jokes and laughter!!Fully enjoyed the party~~ Love my colleagues so so much!! "♥ you guys!!"

~Our birthday girl "Vivian Tay"
*Our Foods*

~My Lovely Colleagues~
Since he's our cameraman for the group photo, so I give him a specialty to place a photo in this blog~~

This video is specially made for her~~

Thursday, June 24, 2010

~The Very First Part Of Me~

On 15th December 1986, a baby girl was brought to this world. She has been given name as "Krystle". As she grows old, she wonders why she is named "Krystle" instead of "Crystal". So one day, she goes to her mum and asked,

"Mummy, why am I named "Krystle"? And so my mummy ask me why.

"My friends have been laughing at my name as it's spelled like "Crystal" but in a Malay form. And they even pronounce my name wrongly!"

Mummy : ""Krystle" is actually a name taken from a movie back in 1986 just a few months before you were born. In that movie, "Krystle" is a teenager who live a great life. She stays happy no matter what happen. And this is why I've given you this name as I want you to be happy forever!"

From that day onwards, I'm proud of my name. Is does not sound Malay-ish, or "sui jing" in Chinese, it sounds "happy" to me. It's special!

So, do call me Krystle and I'm glad that I'm starting this first public blog of mine. Nice to meet you all! Well, to avoid my blog to sound lame, I will just briefly introduce myself. I live in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan but currently staying in Serdang as I'm working in Selangor. I'm a happy-go-lucky girl. Things I love most will be movies and dramas and PARTIES too! And things I hate most is INSECTS!! That's all about me. I'm just another simple girl in this world! Feel free to comment! Chioaz~~