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Sunday, June 27, 2010

~tay hui pin's BIRTHDAY!!~

It's Monday night..and it's my colleague's birthday!"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VIVIAN!!" We planned to give her a surprise party which is barbecue party in Billy's playground. And our surprise party is really a successful one! We managed to surprise her as I cheated her that we will be going SS2 pasar malam. But instead of going there we end up barbecue-ing in Puchong! Everyone attended that party even our ex-colleagues(*well,of course we didn't invite our boss!*)!! Sam, Calvin and Chloe were there too..That's why the party was a blast especially it's full with magic shows, jokes and laughter!!Fully enjoyed the party~~ Love my colleagues so so much!! "♥ you guys!!"

~Our birthday girl "Vivian Tay"
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~My Lovely Colleagues~
Since he's our cameraman for the group photo, so I give him a specialty to place a photo in this blog~~

This video is specially made for her~~

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