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Sunday, June 27, 2010

♥ The A-Team ♥

It's movie day!!Booked 5 tickets (me, Vivian, Cherlyn, David and Billy) to watch "The A-Team" in Midvalley at 1130pm..midnight movie!!*cun*.. We reached there around 1045..collected our tickets and went for our late night dinner in "The Little Taiwan"..The foods there were okay..I will give three stars out of five. I ordered a garlic toast and peach red tea while Vivian and Cherlyn ordered noodles..Billy ordered "Watermelon Snow"..tasted like medicine!*muahahaha*... eeEEwWWWw~~ I love my drink the most!"It's really very PICHIE!!~"

*Our super late dinner*
Then we move on to our movie!"The A-Team"..It's a hilarious action movie..worth watching..The four main actors are so "man" while the main actress is so "lovely"..
~the main four actors in this movie~
Couldn't get a better image..sowie*

"Murdock"-one of my favorite actor in this movie!
He's the physco hero in this movie~

" BA a.k.a Baracus" - He's so cute in this movie~
He's afraid of flying in a plane or a helicopter! Funny!!

~~There's always a plan!~~


  1. hmm..i will give 4 stars out of five..the front part was a bit messy..all happened too fast!