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Monday, June 28, 2010

~Girlish Look Out Point~

"Happy Girlish Day!!"..It's Friday night..It's party night!!We decided to go Look Out Point for our *yummy* dinner!!Left office around 7pm and reached there around 8pm. It's cold and windy that night as it was drizzling on our way there. I ordered something called "Fatayer Combo"..hmm. .sounds nice and the waiter said it's combination of spinach, lamb, beef, chicken and zattar (which i don't really know what is that)..And for drinks..I ordered my Peach Tea again!*slurpppp*..I was eager to know what do fatayer looks like..and here comes my food!
It's actually some kind of middle east bread which stuffed with meats and vegetable.

Well, I admit the first taste was like Indian bread wrap with meats which are over spiced with Indian ingredients. I can accept the taste of it..not until Vivian complained about it!Argh!!She said it tasted like Indian Armpit smell!OMG!!And I have ate half plate of it~~
These are their foods and our drinks..the drinks are delicious!!♥

Casin and Fong ordered Grilled Chicken Chop while Vivan and Cherlyn ordered Seafood spaghetti. And their food taste more yummy than mine a thousand times!!~~ The whole dinner costs us RM110. well, it's not expensive and I think the prices are around the same with normal western restaurant in KL City. After dinner, we went for a walk to capture more photos!~~♥ KL Night View ♥ ~~
Kl night view..Pretty isn't it?
The *girlish* member of the night!!~~
This is where we had our dinner..*yummy*

Here is the map where can lead you to this place.

p/s : There will be a video for this event.Stay tuned!!~~

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