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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

- m i s s -

Who could define "miss"? What is "miss" all about? For me,"Miss" is a kind of feeling where no one can explain or express it in words. Only the person who feels it understands it well. hmm..to me.."miss" is actually a very subjective feeling. It's all depends on the situations. It could be a sweet miss, friendly miss, sad miss or an enemy type of miss. No matter what, as long as you thought of that person, it's already a "miss".

Right now I'm undergoing a sad miss. Yes, I admit this blog is direct to that someone(Friends who know me should know who I'm talking about), but so what? It's my blog and I've got the right to express all out.. Letting this out does not mean that I'm expecting anything..I'm just expressing myself.

Sometimes I wonder, is it because I'm used to it?or do I really miss it?But somehow, i think it connects..is it?

It is 29th of June 2010..it's officially a month after our break up..and this is the duration that I've given myself to put him down. I'm half way succeed. Maybe it's more than half. I seems to enjoy my life thou and I will continue enjoying it to the fullest!

To me, it's usual to have such feelings as I'm not emotionless. I wonder if there's anyone out there feels the same like I do. I always have this feeling in me.."I know I would not want to continue this but still I do put hope on it"..y??anyone out there have such feelings too?It's so weird to me but this is what I'm feeling right now..

Well, thanks to all my friends for all their cares and loves..From the start I'm already on the wrong way..I know it all the while but still i gave a chance on it..right now, I will not repeat my mistake again! Although I still miss him sometimes but I only miss who i thought he was and not the one he is right now!~~

Take care everyone!


  1. you can do it! just do it! we'll always be there to support u!!! kayao kayao!

  2. all d best my dear!
    there's much more person u can miss, i.e. ME!~
    looking forward for our next hang out ya~

    P/S: paiseh, i always read blog a bit late :p

  3. cammy!as long as you support my blog im happy enough!rite now we are planning for our next party!!~~ yea!rite now i miss all mu ji muis esp choon!!