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Thursday, June 24, 2010

~The Very First Part Of Me~

On 15th December 1986, a baby girl was brought to this world. She has been given name as "Krystle". As she grows old, she wonders why she is named "Krystle" instead of "Crystal". So one day, she goes to her mum and asked,

"Mummy, why am I named "Krystle"? And so my mummy ask me why.

"My friends have been laughing at my name as it's spelled like "Crystal" but in a Malay form. And they even pronounce my name wrongly!"

Mummy : ""Krystle" is actually a name taken from a movie back in 1986 just a few months before you were born. In that movie, "Krystle" is a teenager who live a great life. She stays happy no matter what happen. And this is why I've given you this name as I want you to be happy forever!"

From that day onwards, I'm proud of my name. Is does not sound Malay-ish, or "sui jing" in Chinese, it sounds "happy" to me. It's special!

So, do call me Krystle and I'm glad that I'm starting this first public blog of mine. Nice to meet you all! Well, to avoid my blog to sound lame, I will just briefly introduce myself. I live in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan but currently staying in Serdang as I'm working in Selangor. I'm a happy-go-lucky girl. Things I love most will be movies and dramas and PARTIES too! And things I hate most is INSECTS!! That's all about me. I'm just another simple girl in this world! Feel free to comment! Chioaz~~


  1. thank you~~ nice to meet you too!!

  2. yea, nice to see u here~~
    kinda eye-ache wif f font.. :p

  3. I've make the font larger..thanks for the comments!