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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Perfect LOVE?

Things have become uncontrolled. Or is the world changing? It's been awhile since the last time I heard about fairy tales or those happily ever after stories. Yea..I know it still exist or is it going to be extinct? Everyone is busy looking for true love. But when it appears in front of you, have you ever tried your best to protect it and appreciate it well? Let me remind you, you are looking for TRUE love and not PERFECT love. There's no such thing as perfect in this world. So stop searching for one because when you are too obsessed in it you might has neglected what you have just right beside you. 

What's LOVE? Giving whatsoever that you want or he wants? Kissing? Hugging? Sexing? Sharing? Changing? That's all? Well, let's see..."Being in love isn’t about finding the person whose perfect, it’s about finding an imperfect person perfect for you, and loving them with all their flaws. It’s about finding them beautiful even when they feel ugly. It’s about falling in love with every single part of them, especially the parts that they hate about themselves." Do you feel all this in you and your partner? I mean..why bother changing their attitudes or characters just to please you? It's their life. Yes, they are your love ones but you don't OWN them. Why don't you ask yourself to change for them? Will you? No doubt they can be happily changing just for you, but back to the start, is that the same person that you've known all the while?

Love is actually something very simple and yet human has complicated it. Love is a tiny little shinning thing, that somehow it stuck in your heart and you cannot deny it's presence. When it comes, you can't see it or touch it but it does make things better. Colors are brighter, music is sweeter and funny things are funnier. And with love, you will realize that you are doing so much more than usual..waltzing in the dark, waiting for phone to ring, walking in the rain and quarreling and making up again.(Oh well..) Love makes us curl up tight so that nothing can come between us, and we make those promises that only time will tell if they are true. Love let us tell our dirty little secret and pour out our souls. Love makes us share oxygen and tears and dreams and nightmares, and kiss the bruises. Love links our little fingers and make our plans and swear we will never leave. 

Love is just as simple as that and why is it still so hard to maintain? Pretty pretty fairy tales..please come back...
 *I Love You* =)

Monday, May 16, 2011

What matters?

For those being single, it is not the toughest thing that happened to you. Yes, you might have feelings on a particular someone, and feel like you have to give up all and express all the feelings of yours. But at least you can see the chances there. And somehow, nothing hurts more than an unreturned love. I strongly support that fact that you must always know that you are special, but do not lose focus in whatsoever you do. If all goes well, do not be afraid to share your feelings, share the love as you will never know what's the right one for you.

Me being a normal being, desires for love as well. You might be experiencing an unreturned love, reaching for something you can't reach, or even worse, not a slight chance of reaching. Well, I had my time too.*Don't forget I'm just the same as you* We have our ups and downs. There are times, things werent good and you feel like hiding yourself in your blanket and just forget the world, run away, secretly breaking apart, or even shed tear a little. Well you're not alone again, I went through all that as well. That is why I know you needed me the most. I can't be the one mending your heart but I can always be the one who will share my love just to save .you from falling apart.

You've given all your heart, but that someone had torn your heart apart. Its really hard to love again. It hurts as you have so much to say, but you don't exactly know how to put it, and he just walked away with ignorance. But somehow I believe, if he's the one, you wouldn't need to say much, as he's supposed to be the one reads your heart. I would say stay although you are unloved, don't affect your own well being for someone who's not worth it. Stay strong and stay true.

However,love is actually a game. It's a game where there will be two winners. It's a game where you are dare to live with love and show some love. And to me if you couldn't get someone out of your mind, maybe because they're meant to be there. I never fight with my fate and so do my faith. If it's stucks there, I will just let it be, as I believe if it's supposed to leave, it will. People always say that we should fight for what we want, but have you ever wonder what you really want?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Letter For MYSELF ♥ - Out of sudden

Dear Whosoever,

Feels like it was just last month,
When you and I were sitting at the corner,
Talking about our most ridiculous scenarios,
With no harm nor any intention,
It just happened and this is what I like about,
Out of sudden.

Feels like it was just last week,
When you and I were standing just outside your house,
Sharing whatever that comes into our mind,
Just to drag the talking that we used to do,
It's obvious I didn't want to leave yet,
The feeling of not letting you go,
Out of sudden.

Feels like it was just yesterday,
When you and I were on our way home,
Sitting in the car,
Silence is what I would described,
And your breath is the only thing I heard,
There will be someday when we both are away from each other,
Will I still feel your heartbeats in me?
This is what I wonder,
Out of sudden.

Can you be bygone?,
Have you given up yet?
You are the one who showed me what love is,
You too, the one who described the worst scene to me,
I miss you before we are even separated,
Feeling afraid even before losing you,
How do I live with such sweet memories,
Without someone to share with,
Out of sudden.