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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Letter For MYSELF ♥ - Out of sudden

Dear Whosoever,

Feels like it was just last month,
When you and I were sitting at the corner,
Talking about our most ridiculous scenarios,
With no harm nor any intention,
It just happened and this is what I like about,
Out of sudden.

Feels like it was just last week,
When you and I were standing just outside your house,
Sharing whatever that comes into our mind,
Just to drag the talking that we used to do,
It's obvious I didn't want to leave yet,
The feeling of not letting you go,
Out of sudden.

Feels like it was just yesterday,
When you and I were on our way home,
Sitting in the car,
Silence is what I would described,
And your breath is the only thing I heard,
There will be someday when we both are away from each other,
Will I still feel your heartbeats in me?
This is what I wonder,
Out of sudden.

Can you be bygone?,
Have you given up yet?
You are the one who showed me what love is,
You too, the one who described the worst scene to me,
I miss you before we are even separated,
Feeling afraid even before losing you,
How do I live with such sweet memories,
Without someone to share with,
Out of sudden.

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