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Monday, May 16, 2011

What matters?

For those being single, it is not the toughest thing that happened to you. Yes, you might have feelings on a particular someone, and feel like you have to give up all and express all the feelings of yours. But at least you can see the chances there. And somehow, nothing hurts more than an unreturned love. I strongly support that fact that you must always know that you are special, but do not lose focus in whatsoever you do. If all goes well, do not be afraid to share your feelings, share the love as you will never know what's the right one for you.

Me being a normal being, desires for love as well. You might be experiencing an unreturned love, reaching for something you can't reach, or even worse, not a slight chance of reaching. Well, I had my time too.*Don't forget I'm just the same as you* We have our ups and downs. There are times, things werent good and you feel like hiding yourself in your blanket and just forget the world, run away, secretly breaking apart, or even shed tear a little. Well you're not alone again, I went through all that as well. That is why I know you needed me the most. I can't be the one mending your heart but I can always be the one who will share my love just to save .you from falling apart.

You've given all your heart, but that someone had torn your heart apart. Its really hard to love again. It hurts as you have so much to say, but you don't exactly know how to put it, and he just walked away with ignorance. But somehow I believe, if he's the one, you wouldn't need to say much, as he's supposed to be the one reads your heart. I would say stay although you are unloved, don't affect your own well being for someone who's not worth it. Stay strong and stay true.

However,love is actually a game. It's a game where there will be two winners. It's a game where you are dare to live with love and show some love. And to me if you couldn't get someone out of your mind, maybe because they're meant to be there. I never fight with my fate and so do my faith. If it's stucks there, I will just let it be, as I believe if it's supposed to leave, it will. People always say that we should fight for what we want, but have you ever wonder what you really want?

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