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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Too True, Too Often

Yesterday I was watching this series on tv, Grey's Anatomy (one of my favorite series). They were actually showing the very last episode of Season 6. This episode is about a shooter who simply shoots surgeons in the hospital to get revenge on his wife's death. In previous episode, Derek, Dr. Webber (the chief) and Lexie are the one who unplugged the shooter's wife from the machine. Then this episode comes to a point where the shooter is left with one bullet which he has to choose to shoot Dr. Webber or to kill himself. And when it comes to the end, Derek voiceover "Human life is made up of choices, live or dead, that's the important choice...and it's not always in our hands" 

I found this sentence is too true and too often it's really not always in our hands. Life is full with choices. The choices you made, makes you. But how often that the choices you make is what you want? Derek is a surgeon, he's supposed to save life but yet he's the one that decide to unplug the machine. Is that what he wants? All the while the shooter was trying to get revenge for his wife, but when he is left with one bullet, instead of killing Dr. Webber, he choose to kill himself. He killed so many innocent life, but end up he failed to kill his enemy? 

Too often that we plan our life. We plan what to study, we plan what to work, we plan when to get married and we even plan what kind of partner we want to get. But how often all these go the way you want? LOL~ (I'm smiling when I wrote this! Don't ask me why XP) Well, I'm not saying that things that does not go the way you planned is not good. Sometimes it even goes way much better than you planned. Right? Then why plan? No matter how good is your plan, there are still things that happened to block your way and that's what we called "Obstacles of Life". Annoying huh?

What I'm trying to say here is, since life is so decisive, so many choices to choose, but we don't know it's right or wrong, why don't we just let it be? Why don't we just let things happen the way it will be? Even if you made a choice, how often it's right? If it's meant to be correct, then it will be. If it's not, what can you do? Regret? Cry? Blame each other? What else? To me, I hate to make choices. I will never know what's in front of me. No matter how perfect my plan will be, who can guarantee me that my plan will work? No one can! End up, it's still not you that make that choice too. 

I'm not sure you get what I mean. But yet, I guess this sentence "Human life is made up of choices, live or dead, that's the important choice...and it's not always in our hands" is just too true and too often is not just only about live or dead. It's about everything. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grenade ♥

Easy come, easy go
That's just how you live, oh
Take, take, take it all,
But you never give
Should of known you was trouble from the first kiss,
Why were they open?
Gave you all I had
And you tossed it in the trash
You tossed it in the trash, you did
To give me all your love is all I ever asked,
Cause what you don't understand is
I’d catch a grenade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Throw my hand on a blade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’d jump in front of a train for ya (yeah, yeah , yeah)
You know I'd do anything for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh, oh
I would go through all this pain,
Take a bullet straight through my brain,
Yes, I would die for ya baby;
But you won't do the same

No, no, no, no
Black, black, black and blue beat me till I'm numb
Tell the devil I said “hey” when you get back to where you're from
Mad woman, bad woman,
That's just what you are, yeah,
You’ll smile in my face then rip the breaks out my car
Gave you all I had
And you tossed it in the trash
You tossed it in the trash, yes you did
To give me all your love is all I ever asked
Cause what you don't understand is
I’d catch a grenade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Throw my hand on a blade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’d jump in front of a train for ya (yeah, yeah , yeah)
You know I'd do anything for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh, oh
I would go through all this pain,
Take a bullet straight through my brain,
Yes, I would die for ya baby;
But you won't do the same

If my body was on fire, ooh
You’ d watch me burn down in flames
You said you loved me you're a liar
Cause you never, ever, ever did baby...
But darling I’ll still catch a grenade for ya
Throw my hand on a blade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’d jump in front of a train for ya (yeah, yeah , yeah)
You know I'd do anything for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh, oh
I would go through all this pain,
Take a bullet straight through my brain,
Yes, I would die for ya baby;
But you won't do the same.
No, you won’t do the same,
You wouldn’t do the same,
Ooh, you’ll never do the same,
No, no, no, no

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Woke up early in the morning feeling not so happy. I slept quite early yesterday thinking I can sleep all my emoness away and skip whatever that happened but it didn't. They are still here. When will all these stop following me? Sometimes I feel the world is being unfair and cruel but I make myself believe that life surely has it's ups and downs. 

Honestly, the moment I wake up, something comes into my mind and automatically tears flow down to my cheeks. Why do life has so many choices? And have you ever face this problem which when there's choices, you can never get what you want and when it comes to final decision, you can never get to choose. Eventually, someone will make the choice for you. Where's the freedom? Don't you think it's unfair? It's my decision and why can't I do it my way? And it end up whether with choices or not, the decision is still not mine. 

Everyone complained that I've cared too much. I care what people said, I care what people think and I even care about how they feel more than I feel. And that's why I'm undergoing this. I rather take all to myself than hurting others. am I being silly? Or I'm being too good? But right now it's all too burden..too burden until I can feel the pressure. I'm just living the way to please others and I hate this, but still I'm doing it! Wtf~

In my life..I can hate people judging me. I always think that no one can ever judge you except you because only you yourself know what's in you. Only you know what suits you, what you are feeling and what you are doing. Please don't force me to do things that you like. How about things that I like? When comes to things that I like, I've to choose to let go, but when it comes to things I don't like, I've to choose to have it. WHY?? Do you know what I want?

My mind can be very mixed up now, so do my heart. People ask me to listen to my heart and not to my mind but right now I don't even have a clear heart and don't talk about clear mind. Why am I standing at this point again? Why do I turn back? Or is it actually I've never escape before? Do I get to choose this time around? Will I get what I want? Or there's only one choice? =((((((

Thursday, January 20, 2011

♥ I can have...

What do I have nowadays? I can have a lot that belongs to me. I do appreciate all that I have now but there are some selections which I appreciate a bit more than the others. They provide me love, accompany me when I'm down and they bring me happiness and entertainment. Not to forget, last year has been a "so so" year to me, but it has brought some changes which I can have right now =) Okay! Let's see what I have all the while...

♥ My BABY car!

Jen jen jeng!!I LOVE my baby very much. I know I've been a dirty Mummy which I did not keep my baby clean all the time but I still LOVE you! Well, those who knows me, should know I love driving a lot but it does not mean I like to be a driver! LOL~ I just love driving myself at night on a quiet road which I can listen to my heart most of the time! =) It's a good way to relax my mind and most of the time, that's when I make decision! I just love the accompanies of my Baby and he will be turning THREE this year! =D

I need to take more photos of my BABY! ♥

♥ My DARLING Lappie!

My lappie bring me lots of entertainment..I bought her during my final year of my studies which makes her around two years old right now. She helps me to do my work, play games and most important..I started this blog of mine with her! =) Without her I can't Facebook, tweets, plurk and watch my movies! I can't live a day without switching her on~ XD Well, she might be having some sickness currently but I will make sure she will recover real soon!


♥ My bunch of JIMUIs

Well, nothing much to talk about them as I've already blog them out. I know them since my studies in UKM. I always believe is destiny that brought us together which I think it's a great plan from GOD. It's fate that make us all stay on the same floor and having Choon joining us is a fate too. Without Choon, we will be like Happy Meals without a toy or fries or drinks or whatever! Without her, it makes us incomplete! Although I don't know them for long but I guess we know each other quite well. =) I just want to thank all of them for being by my side all the while sharing my sadness and happiness. You girls keep me strong and I really appreciate all of you! LOVE~

I can only find this photo which have all of us in it. We must really party more! 

Well, God has treat us fair enough..there are times we have to lose something but without losing you will never gain something new. Last year, I've lost few important things in me but I've found more than what I've lost. Losing them makes me appreciate even more on what I've right now. 

♥ My HONEY Handphone!

I lost my previous handphone in a snatch thief case =( I don't really mind losing the handphone but I'm sad because I lost all the contacts inside! Instead of buying a new handphone, sis gave me hers! (And she go get herself Iphone! So unfair! XD) Right now, I'm using Sony Ericsson Satio. Although is not the kind of phone that I want but as long it keeps me connected I'm happie enough! =D Now, I can skype, whatsapp, facebook, twitter and plurk anytime! And this is the reason why I appreciate it even more! Muahaha~ XD

This is my HONEY! 

♥ My Privacy!

Hmm..other than my Baby..I can also find my own privacy in my ROOM! Nope..not in Seremban but in Serdang!! =) Although I don't spend much time in my room because of work, but once I'm back home, my room is my first priority! I will lock myself in the room, off all the lights and turn on my Darling! And that's what you call ROOM ALONE? haha..Recently, I've change the positions of my bed, tables and everything in the room but still, it looks messy! XD Here's a photo of it! 

My messy room! 


Haha..I can have a new hairstyle since last year. From long I've cut it short. Erm..I do always trim my hair but if you saw me changing my hairstyle into a very different look, then I think you better come to me and ask me what happened! XP Whenever bad things happened, I will make a change in myself. I believe by changing myself, I can have a new me and a new start by leaving the bads behind. everyone has their own way to make themselves better and THAT'S ME!! =P I know it's ridiculous but that's what I make myself believe! =D 

My previous hairstyle..not very long..but counted as long! =)

And this is my latest photo of my latest hairstyle! Which one better? =D

♥ My New COMERS!

I can have new friends!! Last year I get to met a lot of new friends. Or maybe I should say new colleagues?=D Which now they have turn into my best buddies ever! Well, some didn't turn out good but so what? Let them be and I still love with what I have! They support me all the way until now no matter what. They know me well and they keep me happy all the time! I'm glad to know them and right now I miss them tonnes! Thanks for the cares and the enjoyments that we have gone through..I will keep you all in my heart..always! 

Welcome to my LIFE! ♥

Ans not to forget this two kiddo! 

So all the above are my most valuable assets in my life. Can't afford to lose any of them. So please stay close to me and I will always love you all! *muacks* Anyway..I still hope I can get more than what I have right now..GREEDY me!XD LOL~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Letter For MYSELF ♥ - Deja Vu

Dear Whosoever,

I remember being here before,
Sitting right in front of you,
Words that has spoken,
I'm hearing them again,
I thought I've passed through this before,
The memories seems fresh but I couldn't recall,
The atmosphere looks familiar but unsure,
The only thing I can recall is YOU,
Was it Deja Vu that led you to me?
Or was it Deja Vu that brought us together?
Is the memory being misplace?
But why only YOU I could recognize?
Is this somehow a sign?
Could YOU be the dream that keeps coming to me?
Is it me or is it YOU?
All these are left unspoken,
But well, I guess Deja Vu is the only thing that keep my memories awake about YOU.

Friday, January 14, 2011


I can have all the sickness and sufferness that you can name it out!Oh well, no doubt I'm having a great life nowadays but there bad luck luck still following me around =( Let's start from head to toe!

I've been having this damn freaky painful headache since last month and currently while I'm drafting this, I'm experiencing it now! aaarrrgggghhhh!~~ I hate it! I think eating pain killers does not help anymore, even I've taken my nap, it's still the same. Why don't you just kill me rather than wanting me undergo the pain =(

Next..what pain I can get? THROAT!! I'm having a bad sorethroat now too! I was having fever, bone pain and sorethroat few days ago and I thought I've recover and now they are all back! The worse part is..I even suffering from cough! 

Doctor said "Drink more water..the weather is very bad nowadays..get more rest and finish up the antibody" 

Me "mmm...hhhmmmm...Water? A bottle a day la (Sometimes can't even finish! XD) More rest? LOL..I guess I've rest enough? Antibody? I wonder where I put my medicines? Muahaha!

Muscles PAIN!!!I hate to face this fact. Yea..I know..I'm getting old X( Few days ago I went Zouk with my babes. We were on the dance floor from the time we reached there about 1130pm until 3am. I was like.."OMG! My legs are going to break! When I walk to the car, I even got the urge to take out my high heels and walk on bare foot but I've to stay strong! =D What to do? Girls mar..cannot "memalukan" myself..And the next day..not only suffering muscles pain on my legs..but on my back bone too =X

Next..It's HEARTACHE! Well..things settle down..conclusions are made. As usual..It's not something I  always wanted but this is the best way. No point dragging it long and I'm just happy that it comes to an end with a decision made. I make up my mind and I've to stay firm. Well, I wish you have your own decision too. Make yourself happier. Confess whatever you think you should and sometimes things just can't go the way you want. Let all out and eventually it will come to a decision. My saying is.." If he/she wants you, nothing can keep him/her away. If he/she doesn't, nothing can make him/her stay." Anyway..you will always have my support and please! DON'T BE LAZY! XD You-get-what-I-mean! =) Miss ya!

Last but not least! I've suffered from sprained ankle two weeks ago =( Clumsy me..get down from the car at the car park and without notice, I stepped into a small drain with my high heels! Damn! And there it goes..need to put on bandage for a week! Sadly, my babes called me OKU! But oh well..I likey it! Muahaha~ Right now it's bandage free but Sometimes I still can feel the pain. Maybe it's not fully recover yet. And here comes a photo of it. According to them..it's a new shoes fashion!What do you think? LOL~ XD

How's it? OUCH~~

I never have this new year resolution thingie in me before. Maybe because I'm lazy to make it come true or I don't want to be sad when I can't achieve any of it. Anyway, this is my first and only resolution for this year. Please keep me healthy and free from all the pains and "sufferness" or either you can just kill me straight!! XD Thanks! LOVE YOU~ 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best Lunchie in Dengkil!


Don't these foods look yummy? Delicious!!! On one fine day, we decided to enjoy a delicious lunch in Dengkil which is introduced by Kensie. It's actually her family business and the foods there are fantastic! As usual..the few of us went there and the first food served is "sak keh ma". I don't know what it's call in English but this is what a "sak keh ma" looks like.

Delicious "sak keh ma"

Freshly made!*thumbs up*

Next, we ordered few dishes. Fish (It's called the chicken fish!) - funny name and it's called chicken fish because the meat taste like chicken and the texture too! And there are vege, strawberry "pai kuat", "fah lam bou" and my favorite of all..."TAUFU"..yummy!

The Chicken FISH! XD


Strawberry "pai kuat"! 

My favorite TAUFU!

Yummy "Fah Lam Bou"!
And who are the usual gang? Here it is...



The Boss of the day!

Me! ( I become waitress that day! XD)

And HIM! Just sit there and only know how to eat!=D

The Potato making fun of himself again! And thanks Kensie for the treat!

Oh well..too bad Giselle couldn't join us that day but I'm sure we will be going back there real soon because I just can't stop thinking about the foods there! It's tooooo YUMMY!! 

This is the restaurant. I will update the address and contacts real soon!

The menu!

Check out the price..It's not expensive at all!

Hmm...since it's a hot and warm day..next we decided to enjoy a cold sweet dessert in 100 yen! LOVELY DESSERTS! *mmm...hhmmmm*





Stay tuned for the contacts. Will update real soon! =)

Monday, January 3, 2011

♥ JMF ♥

Mmmm..hhhmmmm...You babes should know who you are! Let's see what I've got to talk about you all one by one! But before I start..just want to let you all know that I LOVE YOU ALL,BABES!! *muacks and huggies* 

Okay..who to start first..let's start according to birth date kay?

♥ This babe..hmm..looks like recently our ji muis seems to stuck in LOVE problem. Listen to your heart babe..You know who's the best for you. No one can decide for you as you are the only one who knows what you want. Sometimes we get bithcy,but this is normal just as long you know who you should go to at the end and who is worthy for you. No matter what, you always have us to support you. Give me a call or msg me anytime, I will be there for you ♥ And no matter how bitchy you get, you are still amazing and I just love talking on the phone with you. You can definitely read my mind and understand every single words that's written in my head! Stay firm and don't look back! *huggies*

♥ Alright..this one..hmmm...we like to call her elephant, don't we? LOL! She's cute and funny and that's the reason why I love being with her. She can easily cheer up my days although her jokes kinda lame sometimes but what makes it funny it's her action! XD But recently, she's acting weird..agree? ESPECIALLY, THAT DAY!!! *lmao* Oh well, just let her be..better don't stop her from finding her prince charming..Muahahaha! Come on, Fatimah..just admit it! =D This babe sometimes does annoy me..especially when she made up her mind and ignore us. I don't mind her ignorance but the excuses and reasons..SUCKS! So..please think of better reasons next time or I will screw you!Anyway, keep me up to date kay? LOVE YOU ALWAYS! 

♥ Next..aaawwww...this babe likes to goyang the most!! And omg....she has been jobless for 4 months?? And approaching the 5th month maybe? When only you can stop goyang my dear? We miss you lots and we are waiting for you to come back and rock our world! And you know what? I hate you..cause you get to goyang and I don't! You are getting more and more outdated about us already. We (you know who lar) need you to lead us out from whatever we are undergoing. You are always the conscious one, so, please bring us back to reality. And you..should go look for "the one" lar..It's been awhile already. What happened to the "RICH" and "HANDSOME" target? LOL! Oh well, don't be too choosy kay? MISS YOU LOTS!

♥ It's your turn! Our beloved senior who turn out to be one of our JMF! All of us kinda jealous of her on going steady relationship and we are guessing she will be the first one to *ahem* among us! LOL~ So we are waiting for the red card kay? hahahaha..she's one caring ji mui although sometimes she kinda blur and get the news late but she's trying her best to catch up with our updates asap. One more thing..she's bad at road direction..but if compare to elephant..she consider okay ad!=D This babe is always with a camera. But I likey!! Cause it captures every moment that we spend together and I just love to cam-whore with her! Muahahaha XD -xoxo-

♥ Our architect babe! Although she's younger than me a year, her advice is always the best. I just love the way she thinks. Just exactly what I need! Well babe, just don't get too busy. There are much more bigger thing outside waiting for you to explore. You-get-what-I-mean? Don't lar always fuck people around! And don't always fuck me at the back of me! Muahahaha XD I will get to know no matter what! You will always have me around supporting you. Anything just whatsapp me! I'm ready for you. And hopefully you are ready for me too..We just need to undergo this together. They just don't worth it! =) WTF! (this is for you!)

♥ The most happy babe of all..found her happiness and living great with him I would say *jealous* Always busy travelling from here to Genting..then to JB..Although we stay damn near, I can hardly meet her up! She's totally different back in uni days. She used to be...*mmm...hhmmmm* ( Ji Muis should know what I'm trying to say XD )..and now..she can COOK! imagine that! She take good care of him and she cleans the house! OMG right? Well, LOVE can really change someone, don't they? She's one busy and successful babe among us, but still she will make time for us and call us up time to time to ask about us! I just LOVE the way you care for us. It's time..you are ready for a real FAMILY! =D *muacks*

♥ My last December Babe~ This babe..always there for me..just one call, and the next minute, she will just appear in front of me. I'm glad for her as she found her love one. And I can feel the happiness around her nowadays =) Thanks for all the support all this while babe..Your advice and accompany really helps a lot especially when I'm freaky down sometimes. I just love sharing my tears with you. I just don't know why..but the softness and cares in you makes me cry easily XD And this party babe is me and Nat's favorite drinking kaki! *slrpppppp* So, when is our next round? =D Babe, all the best in your studies kay? I just LOVE tweeting, plurking and app-ing you! LOL! She's my GOSSIP GIRL! ♥

Alright..That's all I can think of. Actually there's lots more to say but I just cant write all out. So I only write the latest of us. Hopefully the 8 of us will stay JMF and I wont talk about myself here. But I'll let you all talk about me. =) I love you all always and there's certainly no secrets between us! Cheers for our JMF! *big big huggies*