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Friday, January 14, 2011


I can have all the sickness and sufferness that you can name it out!Oh well, no doubt I'm having a great life nowadays but there bad luck luck still following me around =( Let's start from head to toe!

I've been having this damn freaky painful headache since last month and currently while I'm drafting this, I'm experiencing it now! aaarrrgggghhhh!~~ I hate it! I think eating pain killers does not help anymore, even I've taken my nap, it's still the same. Why don't you just kill me rather than wanting me undergo the pain =(

Next..what pain I can get? THROAT!! I'm having a bad sorethroat now too! I was having fever, bone pain and sorethroat few days ago and I thought I've recover and now they are all back! The worse part is..I even suffering from cough! 

Doctor said "Drink more water..the weather is very bad nowadays..get more rest and finish up the antibody" 

Me "mmm...hhhmmmm...Water? A bottle a day la (Sometimes can't even finish! XD) More rest? LOL..I guess I've rest enough? Antibody? I wonder where I put my medicines? Muahaha!

Muscles PAIN!!!I hate to face this fact. Yea..I know..I'm getting old X( Few days ago I went Zouk with my babes. We were on the dance floor from the time we reached there about 1130pm until 3am. I was like.."OMG! My legs are going to break! When I walk to the car, I even got the urge to take out my high heels and walk on bare foot but I've to stay strong! =D What to do? Girls mar..cannot "memalukan" myself..And the next day..not only suffering muscles pain on my legs..but on my back bone too =X

Next..It's HEARTACHE! Well..things settle down..conclusions are made. As usual..It's not something I  always wanted but this is the best way. No point dragging it long and I'm just happy that it comes to an end with a decision made. I make up my mind and I've to stay firm. Well, I wish you have your own decision too. Make yourself happier. Confess whatever you think you should and sometimes things just can't go the way you want. Let all out and eventually it will come to a decision. My saying is.." If he/she wants you, nothing can keep him/her away. If he/she doesn't, nothing can make him/her stay." Anyway..you will always have my support and please! DON'T BE LAZY! XD You-get-what-I-mean! =) Miss ya!

Last but not least! I've suffered from sprained ankle two weeks ago =( Clumsy me..get down from the car at the car park and without notice, I stepped into a small drain with my high heels! Damn! And there it goes..need to put on bandage for a week! Sadly, my babes called me OKU! But oh well..I likey it! Muahaha~ Right now it's bandage free but Sometimes I still can feel the pain. Maybe it's not fully recover yet. And here comes a photo of it. According to them..it's a new shoes fashion!What do you think? LOL~ XD

How's it? OUCH~~

I never have this new year resolution thingie in me before. Maybe because I'm lazy to make it come true or I don't want to be sad when I can't achieve any of it. Anyway, this is my first and only resolution for this year. Please keep me healthy and free from all the pains and "sufferness" or either you can just kill me straight!! XD Thanks! LOVE YOU~ 

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  1. take care my dear..
    both physically & mentally!!
    perhaps a good emotion can help u get rid of sickness~