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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best Lunchie in Dengkil!


Don't these foods look yummy? Delicious!!! On one fine day, we decided to enjoy a delicious lunch in Dengkil which is introduced by Kensie. It's actually her family business and the foods there are fantastic! As usual..the few of us went there and the first food served is "sak keh ma". I don't know what it's call in English but this is what a "sak keh ma" looks like.

Delicious "sak keh ma"

Freshly made!*thumbs up*

Next, we ordered few dishes. Fish (It's called the chicken fish!) - funny name and it's called chicken fish because the meat taste like chicken and the texture too! And there are vege, strawberry "pai kuat", "fah lam bou" and my favorite of all..."TAUFU"..yummy!

The Chicken FISH! XD


Strawberry "pai kuat"! 

My favorite TAUFU!

Yummy "Fah Lam Bou"!
And who are the usual gang? Here it is...



The Boss of the day!

Me! ( I become waitress that day! XD)

And HIM! Just sit there and only know how to eat!=D

The Potato making fun of himself again! And thanks Kensie for the treat!

Oh well..too bad Giselle couldn't join us that day but I'm sure we will be going back there real soon because I just can't stop thinking about the foods there! It's tooooo YUMMY!! 

This is the restaurant. I will update the address and contacts real soon!

The menu!

Check out the price..It's not expensive at all!

Hmm...since it's a hot and warm day..next we decided to enjoy a cold sweet dessert in 100 yen! LOVELY DESSERTS! *mmm...hhmmmm*





Stay tuned for the contacts. Will update real soon! =)

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