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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Too True, Too Often

Yesterday I was watching this series on tv, Grey's Anatomy (one of my favorite series). They were actually showing the very last episode of Season 6. This episode is about a shooter who simply shoots surgeons in the hospital to get revenge on his wife's death. In previous episode, Derek, Dr. Webber (the chief) and Lexie are the one who unplugged the shooter's wife from the machine. Then this episode comes to a point where the shooter is left with one bullet which he has to choose to shoot Dr. Webber or to kill himself. And when it comes to the end, Derek voiceover "Human life is made up of choices, live or dead, that's the important choice...and it's not always in our hands" 

I found this sentence is too true and too often it's really not always in our hands. Life is full with choices. The choices you made, makes you. But how often that the choices you make is what you want? Derek is a surgeon, he's supposed to save life but yet he's the one that decide to unplug the machine. Is that what he wants? All the while the shooter was trying to get revenge for his wife, but when he is left with one bullet, instead of killing Dr. Webber, he choose to kill himself. He killed so many innocent life, but end up he failed to kill his enemy? 

Too often that we plan our life. We plan what to study, we plan what to work, we plan when to get married and we even plan what kind of partner we want to get. But how often all these go the way you want? LOL~ (I'm smiling when I wrote this! Don't ask me why XP) Well, I'm not saying that things that does not go the way you planned is not good. Sometimes it even goes way much better than you planned. Right? Then why plan? No matter how good is your plan, there are still things that happened to block your way and that's what we called "Obstacles of Life". Annoying huh?

What I'm trying to say here is, since life is so decisive, so many choices to choose, but we don't know it's right or wrong, why don't we just let it be? Why don't we just let things happen the way it will be? Even if you made a choice, how often it's right? If it's meant to be correct, then it will be. If it's not, what can you do? Regret? Cry? Blame each other? What else? To me, I hate to make choices. I will never know what's in front of me. No matter how perfect my plan will be, who can guarantee me that my plan will work? No one can! End up, it's still not you that make that choice too. 

I'm not sure you get what I mean. But yet, I guess this sentence "Human life is made up of choices, live or dead, that's the important choice...and it's not always in our hands" is just too true and too often is not just only about live or dead. It's about everything. 


  1. choose what you love, love what you choose~
    perhaps that's really no right & wrong in the choices, juz how you goes along with it~

  2. just live your life to the fullest! we live for ourselves, not others =)

  3. sometimes, what you want is not in the list of the options...

  4. Yea..Just choose whatever is the best and in front of me..Life is short..Just enjoy and never think too much or you regret! Love you all!!!