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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Great Philosophy!

A short write out on a story that my aunt told me during reunion dinner yesterday. It's about the different of heaven and hell which I found it simple yet meaningful.

All these while, God has been fair enough to prepare the same amount of foods for everyone in Heaven and in Hell. Everyone is given a six foot long chopsticks to enjoy the foods there.  But why do the people in Hell are crying that they do not have foods to eat? And yet they are given the same foods as in Heaven. And so a man has been send out to find out why. This man visits the Hell first and next the Heaven. 

People in Hell are still starving although they are given food is because of the six foot long chopstick which they could not reach to feed themselves with such long chopstick. But the people in Heaven are given the same long chopstick just like in Hell, but how come they are not starving? How do they feed themselves? And so this man visits the Heaven. Once he reached the Heaven, he smiles. He's impressed with the situation he saw in Heaven. So, guess how the people in Heaven feed themselves?

The reason behind why the people in Heaven can eat happily without facing the problem with that chopstick is they tend to feed each other rather than feeding their own self. While the people in Hell are too selfish and they only think of feeding themselves rather than sharing with their people. And so this is what makes the different between Heaven and Hell.

Well, this story might be not meaningful to you all but this is a good example to us. Most people suffered due to their own selfishness. There are times problem can be solves easily but just because of their egoistic , they would rather keep everything to themselves. Sometimes things depends on how you look on it. If that thing can bring benefits to both parties, why not give a try? Why people only tend to think they want to grab all the benefits for themselves only? Why is it so hard to share? Anyway, this is what I want to share with you all today. Like what I always say, the choice is yours! It all depends on how you think!

Anyway, it's Chinese New Year! I would like to wish everyone Happy Bunny New Year and had a great and prosperous year ahead!! -Hugs and Loves- 

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