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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Beautiful Nights ♥

Here comes the night,
The moment that I've been waiting for,
The moment when the silence appear,
The moment when the mind is clear.

The day is gone,
And the moon starts to shine,
Staring in the dark bejeweled sky,
As time passes by.

Sitting in this calm cold night,
With no sounds around and no one to be found,
The world seems to belongs to you,
With no worries and nothing to be frown.

The night approaches,
And the earth rotates silently,
This is when everything comes lively,
And I could see all clearly.

The starry night is what I've been waiting,
Where I can shield my secrets in between,
Tenderness reflects and truth is unveil,
Here comes the real world, it reveals.

I'm standing here in the middle of the night,
Looking upon this beautiful sky,
With the winds blow against me,
Feeling like I'm flying without wings.

And soon it is getting late,
Sleep comes to get me away,
I smile at this peaceful atmosphere,
I just cant wait for the next night to appear.

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