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Monday, January 3, 2011

♥ JMF ♥

Mmmm..hhhmmmm...You babes should know who you are! Let's see what I've got to talk about you all one by one! But before I start..just want to let you all know that I LOVE YOU ALL,BABES!! *muacks and huggies* 

Okay..who to start first..let's start according to birth date kay?

♥ This babe..hmm..looks like recently our ji muis seems to stuck in LOVE problem. Listen to your heart babe..You know who's the best for you. No one can decide for you as you are the only one who knows what you want. Sometimes we get bithcy,but this is normal just as long you know who you should go to at the end and who is worthy for you. No matter what, you always have us to support you. Give me a call or msg me anytime, I will be there for you ♥ And no matter how bitchy you get, you are still amazing and I just love talking on the phone with you. You can definitely read my mind and understand every single words that's written in my head! Stay firm and don't look back! *huggies*

♥ Alright..this one..hmmm...we like to call her elephant, don't we? LOL! She's cute and funny and that's the reason why I love being with her. She can easily cheer up my days although her jokes kinda lame sometimes but what makes it funny it's her action! XD But recently, she's acting weird..agree? ESPECIALLY, THAT DAY!!! *lmao* Oh well, just let her be..better don't stop her from finding her prince charming..Muahahaha! Come on, Fatimah..just admit it! =D This babe sometimes does annoy me..especially when she made up her mind and ignore us. I don't mind her ignorance but the excuses and reasons..SUCKS! So..please think of better reasons next time or I will screw you!Anyway, keep me up to date kay? LOVE YOU ALWAYS! 

♥ Next..aaawwww...this babe likes to goyang the most!! And omg....she has been jobless for 4 months?? And approaching the 5th month maybe? When only you can stop goyang my dear? We miss you lots and we are waiting for you to come back and rock our world! And you know what? I hate you..cause you get to goyang and I don't! You are getting more and more outdated about us already. We (you know who lar) need you to lead us out from whatever we are undergoing. You are always the conscious one, so, please bring us back to reality. And you..should go look for "the one" lar..It's been awhile already. What happened to the "RICH" and "HANDSOME" target? LOL! Oh well, don't be too choosy kay? MISS YOU LOTS!

♥ It's your turn! Our beloved senior who turn out to be one of our JMF! All of us kinda jealous of her on going steady relationship and we are guessing she will be the first one to *ahem* among us! LOL~ So we are waiting for the red card kay? hahahaha..she's one caring ji mui although sometimes she kinda blur and get the news late but she's trying her best to catch up with our updates asap. One more thing..she's bad at road direction..but if compare to elephant..she consider okay ad!=D This babe is always with a camera. But I likey!! Cause it captures every moment that we spend together and I just love to cam-whore with her! Muahahaha XD -xoxo-

♥ Our architect babe! Although she's younger than me a year, her advice is always the best. I just love the way she thinks. Just exactly what I need! Well babe, just don't get too busy. There are much more bigger thing outside waiting for you to explore. You-get-what-I-mean? Don't lar always fuck people around! And don't always fuck me at the back of me! Muahahaha XD I will get to know no matter what! You will always have me around supporting you. Anything just whatsapp me! I'm ready for you. And hopefully you are ready for me too..We just need to undergo this together. They just don't worth it! =) WTF! (this is for you!)

♥ The most happy babe of all..found her happiness and living great with him I would say *jealous* Always busy travelling from here to Genting..then to JB..Although we stay damn near, I can hardly meet her up! She's totally different back in uni days. She used to be...*mmm...hhmmmm* ( Ji Muis should know what I'm trying to say XD )..and now..she can COOK! imagine that! She take good care of him and she cleans the house! OMG right? Well, LOVE can really change someone, don't they? She's one busy and successful babe among us, but still she will make time for us and call us up time to time to ask about us! I just LOVE the way you care for us. It's time..you are ready for a real FAMILY! =D *muacks*

♥ My last December Babe~ This babe..always there for me..just one call, and the next minute, she will just appear in front of me. I'm glad for her as she found her love one. And I can feel the happiness around her nowadays =) Thanks for all the support all this while babe..Your advice and accompany really helps a lot especially when I'm freaky down sometimes. I just love sharing my tears with you. I just don't know why..but the softness and cares in you makes me cry easily XD And this party babe is me and Nat's favorite drinking kaki! *slrpppppp* So, when is our next round? =D Babe, all the best in your studies kay? I just LOVE tweeting, plurking and app-ing you! LOL! She's my GOSSIP GIRL! ♥

Alright..That's all I can think of. Actually there's lots more to say but I just cant write all out. So I only write the latest of us. Hopefully the 8 of us will stay JMF and I wont talk about myself here. But I'll let you all talk about me. =) I love you all always and there's certainly no secrets between us! Cheers for our JMF! *big big huggies*


  1. don't let LOVE kill you! still ♥ you and will always ♥ you =D

  2. Love u too~! sweet gal~
    thanx for d post & itz so luvly~~ ♥♥♥
    wish u can get rid of all those emo-ness & be a happy crystal again~~