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Thursday, January 20, 2011

♥ I can have...

What do I have nowadays? I can have a lot that belongs to me. I do appreciate all that I have now but there are some selections which I appreciate a bit more than the others. They provide me love, accompany me when I'm down and they bring me happiness and entertainment. Not to forget, last year has been a "so so" year to me, but it has brought some changes which I can have right now =) Okay! Let's see what I have all the while...

♥ My BABY car!

Jen jen jeng!!I LOVE my baby very much. I know I've been a dirty Mummy which I did not keep my baby clean all the time but I still LOVE you! Well, those who knows me, should know I love driving a lot but it does not mean I like to be a driver! LOL~ I just love driving myself at night on a quiet road which I can listen to my heart most of the time! =) It's a good way to relax my mind and most of the time, that's when I make decision! I just love the accompanies of my Baby and he will be turning THREE this year! =D

I need to take more photos of my BABY! ♥

♥ My DARLING Lappie!

My lappie bring me lots of entertainment..I bought her during my final year of my studies which makes her around two years old right now. She helps me to do my work, play games and most important..I started this blog of mine with her! =) Without her I can't Facebook, tweets, plurk and watch my movies! I can't live a day without switching her on~ XD Well, she might be having some sickness currently but I will make sure she will recover real soon!


♥ My bunch of JIMUIs

Well, nothing much to talk about them as I've already blog them out. I know them since my studies in UKM. I always believe is destiny that brought us together which I think it's a great plan from GOD. It's fate that make us all stay on the same floor and having Choon joining us is a fate too. Without Choon, we will be like Happy Meals without a toy or fries or drinks or whatever! Without her, it makes us incomplete! Although I don't know them for long but I guess we know each other quite well. =) I just want to thank all of them for being by my side all the while sharing my sadness and happiness. You girls keep me strong and I really appreciate all of you! LOVE~

I can only find this photo which have all of us in it. We must really party more! 

Well, God has treat us fair enough..there are times we have to lose something but without losing you will never gain something new. Last year, I've lost few important things in me but I've found more than what I've lost. Losing them makes me appreciate even more on what I've right now. 

♥ My HONEY Handphone!

I lost my previous handphone in a snatch thief case =( I don't really mind losing the handphone but I'm sad because I lost all the contacts inside! Instead of buying a new handphone, sis gave me hers! (And she go get herself Iphone! So unfair! XD) Right now, I'm using Sony Ericsson Satio. Although is not the kind of phone that I want but as long it keeps me connected I'm happie enough! =D Now, I can skype, whatsapp, facebook, twitter and plurk anytime! And this is the reason why I appreciate it even more! Muahaha~ XD

This is my HONEY! 

♥ My Privacy!

Hmm..other than my Baby..I can also find my own privacy in my ROOM! Nope..not in Seremban but in Serdang!! =) Although I don't spend much time in my room because of work, but once I'm back home, my room is my first priority! I will lock myself in the room, off all the lights and turn on my Darling! And that's what you call ROOM ALONE? haha..Recently, I've change the positions of my bed, tables and everything in the room but still, it looks messy! XD Here's a photo of it! 

My messy room! 


Haha..I can have a new hairstyle since last year. From long I've cut it short. Erm..I do always trim my hair but if you saw me changing my hairstyle into a very different look, then I think you better come to me and ask me what happened! XP Whenever bad things happened, I will make a change in myself. I believe by changing myself, I can have a new me and a new start by leaving the bads behind. everyone has their own way to make themselves better and THAT'S ME!! =P I know it's ridiculous but that's what I make myself believe! =D 

My previous hairstyle..not very long..but counted as long! =)

And this is my latest photo of my latest hairstyle! Which one better? =D

♥ My New COMERS!

I can have new friends!! Last year I get to met a lot of new friends. Or maybe I should say new colleagues?=D Which now they have turn into my best buddies ever! Well, some didn't turn out good but so what? Let them be and I still love with what I have! They support me all the way until now no matter what. They know me well and they keep me happy all the time! I'm glad to know them and right now I miss them tonnes! Thanks for the cares and the enjoyments that we have gone through..I will keep you all in my heart..always! 

Welcome to my LIFE! ♥

Ans not to forget this two kiddo! 

So all the above are my most valuable assets in my life. Can't afford to lose any of them. So please stay close to me and I will always love you all! *muacks* Anyway..I still hope I can get more than what I have right now..GREEDY me!XD LOL~

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