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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another surprise for my BIRTHDAY! ♥

Happy Birthday to me~
It's my BIRTHDAY! ♥♥♥ And this time I need to thanks to Glendon, Giselle and David who plan this surprise party for me. It's my first day of work other than it's my birthday and I was damn freaking bored on that day which makes me couldn't wait for the celebration to start! Well, the day before, they told me only four of us will be celebrating my birthday but around 5pm Glendon gave me a call and said he wont be attending the party. Hmm...what a lame excuse! XD It's so obvious it's just a trick! Sorry to say but your plan is kinda bad! Muahahaha!! =D

Sharp 620pm I leave my office and I rush my way to Midvalley! =) Well, when I reached there, David, Giselle and Bryan are already there for me. After that, as usual..David tried to cover up the plan but he totally fails! XD Then they brought me to Chillis. Well, I expect Glendon to be there waiting for us but what surprise me is not him..is the bunch of people who are there for me that day!!! Owh!!~~ It's lovely to see all of them there! *muacks*  There's Renn, Kensie, Lung and someone arrived late....Javerline! *huggies*

Started out with cutting cake..Another delicious yummy mango cake from bread story! =P Thanks for the lappie bag that you all gave me and the hand cream too..Thanks! You all rocks! Love you all always! =)

My yummylicious cake from Bread Story!

Javerline, Lung and ME~ (The interns XD)

I miss you!

Our Lovely Javerline!

Our sweet Giselle!~

Lots of lovessss~

Kensie!! Always with delicious foods! slrrppppp~
Renn, the lovely bitch! I miss you!!

Bryan, the great chef! =D

David, the Potato! Look at the noob look!

Glendon, the one always with Glendish!

My pressie from Food Skin. Thanks Javerline!

My new lappie bag! Thanks to David, Glendon, Giselle, Bryan, Kensie and Lung! I LOVE it!

The girls gang!

The guys gang!

Lovely #01

Lovely #02

Lovely #03

Lovely #04

Lovely #05

Lovely #06

Lovely #07

Group Photo #01

Group Photo #02

p/s : I actually love the photo shoots that night..especially when all the hugging scenes! To bad Renn went back early.."You missed out alot!"..Anyway, thanks for the fantastic and amazing celebration that you all given me. I will never forget this memorable day of mine! 

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