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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Day Trip to BATU CAVES! ♥

It was someday when suddenly four of us are free and we decided to pay a visit to the temple of Batu Caves. It's been ages since the last time I visited Batu Caves and I think that time I was just a small kid while Giselle said that she never been there before. Well, David also claimed that the "Teh Tarik" there taste great and so we went there just to give a try on it. And so our driver, Glendon drove us there! Hmm..the teh tarik was so so only but the roti canai and the curry there was awesome! It's delicious and YUMMY! 

After the delicious roti, we decided to go around the temple and capture some beautiful scenes of Batu Caves. Oh well, nothing much to comment about the temple because I'm sure most of you know about it. But this trip represents us..the bond between us! *lotsa loves and huggies!* Just to let you all know that within that eight free days of mine before my new work starts, I really enjoyed every single minutes spent with you all. Not only the four of you, Kensie and Ah Lung too! At least I did not waste this short holiday of mine! =)

p/s : I just love the way we spent time together although nothing much special event that we did but the laughter that we shared will always stay in my heart and to those people out there, get your own life and don't get jealous of us! If you want, get one yourself and stop complaining! (That is also if you can get one! -  now I know why you are jealous! XD)

(the Driver), David (the Poser), Giselle (the Exciteder), and ME!

And welcome to Batu Caves!

The so so Teh Tarik recommended by David.

The YUMMY Roti Canai and Curry!mmmm.....taste good!



Yea..Another Me and Her ♥♥♥♥♥

The Potato and Me!
( He rolled down the stairs just to take this photo with me! XD )

Glendon and Me!

Group photo #01

BFF!!! Group photo #02

Group photo #03

Two out and one more to go! LOL~

Here comes the potato photos! Enjoy~~ XD





Want more photos on David, the Super Potato? Stay tuned for my next blog! =D

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