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Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME! ♥

It's only 9th of December and it's already so happening! Went for an interview and it's a success! =) Oh yea..starting my new job on my birthday but I'm happy! This December was a blast for me especially this week! ♥♥♥ I've never been so enjoying since I started my work and this is what I called LIFE! GREAT LIFE! XD

After my interview, I've dated Giselle, Glendon and David for a drink in Midvalley as I've another gathering for dinner with the ji muis there too! After thinking for long, I decided to join them and ffk my ji muis as it's a rare chance to hang out with them in Midvalley and I can meet my ji muis the next day!

And so we start our photo shooting session! The Christmas decoration there is amazing! Huge Christmas tress and I found a lot David's family members there!LOL~ Here comes the photos!

best buddy ever! 


best Gundam ever! LOL~

I'm someone's representative? =D

great companions! *huggies*

best buddies ever! 

- xoxo -

Charlie's Angels? XD hhmmmm.... ♥

pattern kao kao!

focus on Glendon! Not David and me! *rofl*

Most amusing photos ever! *roflmao*

Muahahaha! XD

yummylicious!~ FLYING CHILLIES!

Boss of the night! Thanks Glen!

Okay! Here comes the part That I'm so damn f*cking touched! I've been cheated by someone! LOL~

Glendon : Eh! Later we go Italianese kay? My friends said they saw me here. Just want to go there to say Hi.

Me, Giselle and David : Okay! (He also claimed got leng lui to see there and so we agreed!)

And off we go Italianese after our dinner in Flying Chillies! Oh well, me and Giselle was busy talking and laughing at something and suddenly I saw my ji muis sitting there for dinner. Well, I did not suspect anything, not until I saw Glendon waving at Daphne! I was like..How come they know each other? I'm damn BLUR!

Then, I saw a cake....a BIRTHDAY CAKE! I stunned....speechless...and I'm totally blank!!! XD 

They actually have been communicating with each other to give me a surprise! OMG~ I just love you all! *muacks*

My birthday cake! Banana Chocolate from bread story!

hui yee~

Vevien (don't lar always change name!)

Chan Yu Ling!

Director of the night, Daphne!

Best Ji Muis ever! *muacks*



- ♥♥♥♥♥ -

Thanks for the special pressie!

A purse from Charles & Keith!



Thanks for the BIG SURPRISE! It's totally a great job done as I really got no idea on it at all! LOVE you all always!

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  1. it's so great to see u enjoyed d dinner!~~
    can't wait to meet u, my dear~~