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Friday, December 24, 2010

- Everything About You -

Yea..I'm writing about you. It's been awhile you have not been my subject for my blog. And now I will just focus on you in this blog of mine. Well, it's all about what you've done and what I've been when I'm with you =)

Hmm...it all started one night. A night where all the confessions are made. The laughter, the secrets, the problems and the details. They are still fresh in my mind and that's how everything begins.

It all started out sweet. The way you walk me to my car, I will never forget. The road seems so far but the time past too fast. At that moment, I wish my car is parked far faraway. Then, I remember the way you hesitate to give me a hug every time before I leave. And the last time you hugged me at my car, is the warmest one of all. I still remember the way you kiss me good night before I go to bed and the kiss on my forehead whenever I start my day, and not to forget that there was once before I start my work. I just love the warm feelings that you gave me.

Each time when our hand touches, I don't feel like letting go. That's the time when I can feel the secureness around you. And there was once, you hold me tight, saying you never want to let me go, all I can hope is the time would freeze at that moment but it didn't. I like to watch you sleep. And sometimes your snoring can be annoying, but the way you talk in your dreams, I can never stop laughing at it. The way you brush my hair with your hands and when your fingers touches my lips..that's when I feel there's only you and me. Well, not to forget, the talking that we always do and the tv shows that we always watched together. All these are still fresh in my mind.

Then, when it reaches the climax, things seems to change slowly. The warm feeling and the secureness seems to fade away. Where are all the sweetness that we used to have? Or is it all just a dream? No more walking to the car..no more sweet talks from you too. Is it the end? Or it's not even started? Or it's not going to start at all? Anyway, these are not the questions that make me in doubt. And all that is not what I mind. What I care are the thinkings in you. And that matters to me. I don't mind if all the above are just a lie, but what I want is the honesty in you. I just don't want to lose the trust that we have been sharing all this while. 

I guess that's all I want to talk about you here..Well, what else can I say? All I can think about when it comes to you is fun time, the happiness and enjoyable session that we always share. And that's what I want to be all the time. =)

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