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Monday, December 20, 2010

A simple note.

Everyone deserve at least a word when the matters that he or she involved in are at different stage. But people tend to take it for granted acting just like nothing happened or take it as though everyone can read their mind for the answer. Well, sometimes is not the answer that we are waiting for, is the responsibility in you that we expect you to show out on the matter. When you leave it aside, we will only think you have been fooling us around and every single thing you did later on will be just a lie to us. Where's the trust that we have been sharing? Nope, don't blame us if it's getting lesser. It's just a way to protect ourselves to get hurt even more. 

We don't wish to read your mind although sometimes we just know what you are thinking. We might read it correctly but we might be wrong too. Guessing what's in your mind is not something we should be proud to do. We will prefer more if you come to us and tell us the truth. Maybe just a word, and that's more than enough to show how appreciate you are to us. Don't ever force us to read your mind like we always do, because when the matter comes to this stage, we rather you to give us an explanation. Don't ever play the guessing game.

Maybe we can guess why are you trying to avoid this matter, but well, we believe sometimes we just need to face the fact and we think that the friendship between us is much more important for us to put hope on. That's what we appreciate most and this is the reason why we have reach here although the explanation is not given out because I believe the trust we shared is not only bond on the matter but is much more bond on our friendship. I did not write this for you to respond, I write this to make things clear. 

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