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Monday, April 25, 2011

White Lies ♥

How do white lies work?
Are they meant not to be hurt?
Or is it for you to feel free from guilt?
We will not know until we realized,
Words have been used, twisted and faked,
They might not meant to be hurt from the start,
But then, slowly they got bigger and darker,
And things start to get clearer,
White lies..Life is full of lies,
Do they really help you to wipe your memory clean?
Don't try to make things better,
As you are only making it worse,
It's either truth or never,
Don't ever try to make me the foolish one,
I might be one but yet I'm still me,
And to my shame, I'm the only one to be blame,
For falling into your words, your twisted words,
I wish I was born cold,
Wouldn't care about those little white lies of yours,
Accepting it with an open heart,
Avoiding the worse that will pull us apart,
But you just couldn't get enough,
Lies after lie, those words coming out from you,
But yet, I still fall for the same old trap,
Maybe I was not born to be cold but born to be a fool.

p/s : It's just a simple write out that crossed my mind. It has nothing to do with the reality. Enjoy!=D

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