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Friday, April 1, 2011

I ♥ HK

I ♥ HK? Hmm..Actually I don't really LOVE Hong Kong. No doubt it's a great place for a short vacation especially it has lots of great place to visit and it's totally a shopping heaven! Just to let you all know, I was away to Hong Kong for 5 days with my family. Overall, it's a great trip but I didn't enjoy it 100% as I was caught with flu for the last two days of my trip and I was tooooo TIRED to enjoy it. I did not expect it to be so exhausted! The weather was too cold for me, and I even need TWO thick comforters to warm me up during my sleep! Well, I wont be blogging about my trip in this entry but I would love to share about the lifestyle in Hong Kong that I've experienced in that few days. 

After staying there for five days, the first word that pop up in my mind to describe their lifestyle will be 'RUSH'. People there will be rushing to work, rushing for lunch, rushing for public transport and even rushing to shop. Don't get me wrong, it's not that they are late for it or the shops are closing soon..it's because they are used to RUSH! They do not like to waste any second of their time. Even for meals, they will serve you quick so that you can finish up your food fast and they can have another customer to be serve. I guess I'm used to the lifestyle here because by following their way really makes me TIRED! XD

One thing that I really don't like in Hong Kong is the way they speaks. Nothing is wrong with their language but they talk sarcastically. They will not respect each other. Even if they don't shout or yell at each other but when you hear them speaks, each and every words in the sentence, you will know that they actually arguing. And when it comes to real arguments, all kind of foul words will come out. Seriously..it's even worse than WTH, WTF, FML and etc... >.< Not only that, they do not practice flexibility. To them, ONE is always ONE. Even when you are trying to give them business, they will not change their perspective to make the business success. Is this something good? =.=

Language wise, I guess most of you all know the difference between their Cantonese with ours. But I would like to share one simple thing that I get to know which I found it quite interesting. They actually set a rule for the walk path. For example, on an escalator, you are supposed to stand on the right side while on the left side is mend for those who are in a hurry and will walk their way up rather than waiting for the escalator to bring them up. Even when you are walking on a street, if you tend to walk slow, you have to walk on the right side. what I'm impressed about this is, this rule is not stated anywhere but everyone there do obey that! WEIRD! So, remember this simple rule if you are there, or else...... =D

Comes to food. They can really eat ALOT! Their rice portion for ONE person can feed two of us here in Malaysia. Even girls there can finish up that portion of rice while you see most of them are not fat (I won't say mostly are skinny but they are not fat!). IMPRESSIVE! Next, is chou tau fu! I really beh ta han the smell!!!! I can even smell it although I'm few streets away from the stall! @.@ I'm sorry to the chou tau fu fans, but I really don't understand how can you all put that smelly thing into your mouth! XD

Hmm...what else? Oh ya, I respect those elderly there. Although they are old, most of them are still working. They give out flyers, polish shoes, become cleaner, deliver foods and lots more. But when I go for shopping, I can only see youngsters (mostly teenagers!). Those kids nowadays are damn RICH! 

Well, that's all I've got in that five days. Living cost there are quite high especially for houses and foods, but if you just want to get some cheap stuff, Hong Kong will be the right place. It's a great experience there and stay tuned to my blog as I will be blogging my trip soon! =)

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