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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I can f**king hate...

Let me tell you all what I can fucking hate these days...

a) I hate those bitches who stalked me, followed me and pretended to be good to me. They don't care but they are just being bitchy!

b) I hate people who does not admit on their faults but accused others for it.

c) I hate people who make a great fantastic big deal about tiny little small matter. They are just EXAGGERATING or should I say they are trying to get some attention?!

d) I can hate people judging me on doing something by following my own way. My way might not be the best but it does not mean your way works. I've my own reason, you could have yours too. So stay out of my way! If you want, go get your own life!

e) I hate people ordered me to do things for them while you are not my BOSS!

f) I hate people questioning me from a to z and from 1 to 10! That can be annoying!

g) I hate people who wants to control my life. Yea..I like sleeping late, going out late, driving around late and drinking late. So what? It's my LIFE!

h) I hate people who betrayed my sincerity towards them. I'm treating you good but you are making used of me. Don't take me for granted!

i) I can hate the feeling of losing. I've once lose something/someone important and I will not let that feeling overwhelm me again!

j) I hate clients that keep on changing their mind towards my design! Can't you say all at once?

k) I can hate people who does not keep their promises or words. Yes is yes..There's nothing as NOT SURE! Fuck you!

l) I hate people asking me for some occasion at last minute. HELLO! I've my own little private time for personal things, you might ruin my plan! I'm not 24 hours ready for you! I don't sell my life to you!

m) I can hate myself for not getting what I want. I've told myself not to care and get whatever it is but sometimes it's just OUT OF MY CONTROL!

n) I hate people who pretended to be Mr. Nice Guy! Come on..it's written on your forehead..no one can change that fact of yours!

o) I hate those who pretend nothing has happened when it's actually something BIG. You are just trying to runaway from the problem..you COWARD!

p) I hate people showing off "UNINTENTIONALLY"!? Oh please!We know who you are!

q) I hate myself for trusting people easily. I'm just trying to be good. FML!

r) I can hate people who talk nonstop at some point. Sometimes, especially when I'm moody, you better don't come near me. I'll BITE!

s) I can hate myself for not bathing within 24 hours. I'll start scratching my hair!

t) I hate to force people. If you are not willing to do it, do let me know. I do not have any intention to force you!

u) I hate those who does not care about people's feeling. Please put yourself in their shoes too!

v) I hate it when I've got no idea for my blog. I can't stop blogging!

w) I hate people who says "I'm doing this for your own good" while you've already hurt that person. Just admit you are SELFISH! Damn it!

x) I can hate those people who tag me on those selling products on Facebook. Excuse me! No free publications!

y) I hate myself for staying in the room and drafting this right now. I should be out enjoying my night!

z) I can hate myself for being so lazy (my room is really messed up!) and I hate myself for having so much hatred in my life!!!

So, which hatred of mine is yours too? Last but not least, I can hate alphabets because it only contains 26 of them. I do not have enough to write all out! XD

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