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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Outsider

It is strange how an outsider can turned out to be so close to you. He, who you know nothing about him, suddenly approaches you, asking what's your name or where you stay, what will be your first reaction? Has it ever cross your mind that someone who you don't notice even he used to pass in front of you turns out to be someone close? Or maybe both of you actually live under the same roof but you never notice him not until one day you bump into him? How strange things can be from there? Have you ever wonder about all these?

I'm not talking about those you bump into in a bar or a club asking whether they can buy you a drink or something to eat or not. Those are with intentions but what I meant here is he comes by fate. It's not plan at all. Get what I mean? You never know what will happen next. And he just walk into your life just like that. No signal, no siren, no nothing. And next, *pooofff* he's "somebody". Don't get me wrong here, what I meant by somebody is someone close which you can share some info. Fate or Faith? Surprisingly, that remains unknown. 

Strange but true. Sometimes it's whole lot easier to talk to an outsider. And slowly this outsider comes into the scene as you get along with him. What scene? Scenes of your life! =) You spent most of the time with him, talking, laughing and lots more. It's the comfort that you experienced makes you stay with him. People come and go in your life. Not knowing who will be the next to come or the next to go. I'm not saying he's gonna turn to be your partner but I'm pretty sure each of us will have someone like that beside us. He's not anyone to you but he is somebody!

Life is weird actually. First, it's a mystery. Then, it's a suspend. Next, it's choices. It's all unpredictable! It comes in a circle. He enter your life and so do you. Nobody and Somebody? Can you see the impossibility? It's all so contras and yet it's happening. I don't know if there's anyone like that already exists beside you, but when he does, you will know. He could be her. He could be them. He could be just anyone. Just appreciate him. =) 

p/s: Please take note that the HE can be replaced by SHE too. It does not mean anything. =D

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