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Saturday, July 10, 2010

^ dinner at sea sugar ^

-sea sugar- LOL~~ well..it's actually ~Hoi Tong~! It's dinner time and we decided to eat steamboat buffet. I bet most of us know where is hoi tong. It's at Seri Kembangan, Serdang..just few minutes away from my house..There are nine of us..and we reached there around 830pm and we are STARVING!!~~
She's busy cooking~~ But still she has time to pose for photos! *lmao*
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One thing I like about hoi tong is there are various choices of food not only for the steamboat but also the barbecue part..seafood, chicken, beef, lamb and many more..they also serve ice-creams and jelly! mmm..YUMMY!! I love most is their JELLY! delicious~~ It's been ages since the last time I went there so there are some changes on the price. I remembered the last time I've been there it's around RM22 but right now is RM24 per pax. Well, it's still worth it especially to the guys! LOL~~

 This is pot #01. YUMMY~~
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 This is pot #02. My group's pot!Delicious TOM YAM!!~
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They actually improve a lot since the last time I'm there. It's much more cleaner and they soups are much more tastier...especially the TOM YAM!! it!! I tom yam a lot and I think theirs are not bad!The seafood are fresh too. It's just the meat they served there are quite hard to eat as I think maybe it's not that fresh. For example, the beef..it's hard to munch!argh~~
 My favorite JELLY!!~~ **mmmm**
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Overall, I'm satisfied with the foods and the service there. It's a great choice for a dinner gathering like us. and I think in future they will increase the price again, so better wait no more and have a try there!
Group photo #01. The night kaki-es! Not to forget Cherlyn too~~ She's the camera gal for this photo~
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 Group photo #02. All in!~~ * u all*
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 And lastly, this is our leftover! SO WASTING!!(please click for larger image~)

And here are some info to share about this unlimited steamboat buffet!
Location :
Hoi Tong Steamboat
Bukit Serdang,
Seri Kembangan,

Price : 
Adult : RM24.00
Children : RM12.00
5% for service charge is not included yet!
Phone Number : 
03-89436580 and 019-2582509
Foods :
Unlimited seafood/foods
Unlimited ice cream
Unlimited jelly
Unlimited fruits
Unlimited lots more!


  1. i never go to the steamboat be4...it seems very yummy lei

  2. don't worry, we will plan it again!~ den v will have more fun!!~~