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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Letter For MYSELF ♥ - The Repeats

Dear Whosoever,

It used to be the best time of my life,
Seeing the green grass and the ocean blue,
Time seems not to be the matter,
As I enjoyed every second with you,
But now,
The world measures moments in the measures of time,
What has been taking over?

My heart speaks softly,
Reminiscing the past time,
How many times do I need to convince myself,
Letting myself know it's a dream after all,
The world has never been cruel,
It's just me that wouldn't answer that call.

Life is simple?
Keep it simple?
These are just words to keep me moving,
But in reality?
Nothing is simple unless you are perfect,
And when it's perfect, nothing is real,
So stop making excuses and face the facts,
It's either you give or you take,
There's nothing that called "fair".

Well, I've chose my path,
As I believe nothing is equal,
Wishing that I made the right one,
Avoid myself getting hurt for the same old reason,
But stop! My heart just skipped a beat,
And I guess it just happened again,
Broken heart is just like broken ribs,
The pain cannot be seen,
But it hurts every time you breath.
How long more do I need to take this?

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