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Saturday, September 11, 2010

♥ Auggie Stars ♥

It's 10th of August and guess whose birthday it is? Well, looks who holding the cake..

Is it Billy's birthday? hmm...NOPE!

How about Vivian's birthday? Well, it's not too!LOL~ Feels like shiok sendiri now..LMAO! It's actually Casin's Birthday and Fong's Birthday is the next day afer Casin's, so we are having a Double Birthday Celebration!

It's my second time to help them to celebrate birthday which means I've known them for more than a year? Well, I'm not sure..but I think it will last more than forever! well, due to lack of time, we did not plan any special activity for them..All we did is we bought a cake for both of them and celebrated it in the office. Hope you girls don't mind and enjoy it! ♥ ya!

Well, that's not it..Not only their birthday is on August..Guess what? Another Double Birthday Celebration! It's Nicholas's and Han Wei's birthday!~ We decided to make it big, so we plan to have a birthday dinner at Waterlily in Puchong!Dinner there was a blast as I think around 20 of us (hmm...should be around that much) attended that dinner! Owh~ I'm glad that so many people attended this dinner..We had lot's of fun!

The foods there was not bad..It's kind of like Bumbu Bali but the price here is much more cheaper than Bumbu Bali. It's actually an Indonesia type of cuisine. I order chicken Nasi Lemak and it's yummy~ *mmm hhmmm*

Next is photo taking session! *tik tak tik tak*..I just love the sound of my camera and flash blinking everywhere! I don't mind my face getting numb due to my smile for the photo or my eyes geting blur when it comes to photo session! LOL~ We even categories ourselves into few group! *ssshhhhsssss* You know I know lar..We better keep it to ourselves! ROFL!

That's all??Only four of them having birthday in the month of August? NOPE! Absolutely not! We still have our beloved neighbor! His birthday is in the month or August too!Such a happening month!~ Luckily we combine some of their birthday celebration..if not we will be having FIVE cakes in a month! FATTENING-nyer!LOL~

Although it's just a celebration in the office, but it's a surprise for him! I guess he didn't know about it..Did you? hmm..

"Happy birthday to you..happy birthday to you..happy birthday to MA MING YU! Happy birthday to you!" Looks more like my birthday!" (biasa-lar.. ROFL)

As you can see..we wrote "大马" on the cake..LOL~ It's because his surname is "MA" and used to be "small MA", so after this birthday he will be "big MA"!!!

It's been a very busy month for me..as you can see I barely update my blog for last month. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you.Hope every each of you enjoy the celebrations we prepared for you guys!We hope all your dreams come true and have a great year ahead! ♥ you all!

Before I end this entry of mine, I just want to share some information about The Waterlily Cafe :

Location :

The Waterlily Cafe
Pusat Perdagangan IOI,
1 Persiaran Selatan,
Puchong Jaya,
Puchong, Selangor

Cuisine :
Western Food, Local Food (more to Indonesian style)
Business Hour :
Monday – Saturday: 11am – 11pm,
Sunday & Public Holidays: 4pm till late
Contact Number :
+603 8070 4623