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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sleepless Night

It's 540am in the morning and I'm awake updating my blog. I do not know why I'm awake at this time but I know my mind just cant be in peace. There are thousands and millions of question running in my head, but don't ask me what because I myself don't even know what questions are they. All I know they are just chasing each other in my brain.

I hate this kind of feeling, where you know there's something in front of you that you needed, but u just don't know which way to go to reach that "something". I just hate this feeling of directionless! =( Can someone please grab my hand, hold me close and let me walk with him/her to go through this? I'm just too afraid with what will happen in front there and I need to bare it all alone. Please lead me and tell me what I should do.

The day before yesterday, I woke up at 700am. Yesterday at 635am and today is at 530am?? How about tomorrow? And my stomach hurts again. It's due to gastric according to her. What's happening to me? I just want my life back! argh~

Since I'm awake, I should do my packing. Hopefully tonight I will sleep well at her house instead of mine. *finger crossed*


  1. gal, r u ok? hope u r really fine there......... miss u so much & really wish I could be there for u..

  2. My dear..I'm okay and I believe life is always difficult and I'm sure I can go through everything..Thanks for the concern..and I MISS YOU TONNES too....c u soon!! =)

  3. yea, there's always up & down in life.. try to go thru all the hardness & highlight those delightful 1~~ wish to catch up wif u very much.. I can foresee I'm getting very bz in work for this Oct & Nov, but will looks for chance to meet u gals up! cheers~