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Friday, September 17, 2010

When everything seems wrong

Thousands and millions of question popping out from my head..heart goes *dum dum dum dum*..nonstop..mind cant rest well..things seems to be so wrong..but when it comes to the question "What's wrong my dear?"..I keep quiet and say "Nothing's wrong..I'm fine" But am I? I doubt myself..doubt about my feelings..people around me seems to care about me so much until at one point I dont want them to worry about me and so I just tell them I'm alright!

The point is there's actually nothing to for me to feel this wrong..but the feeling just exist..I wonder why..I did nothing wrong..I can say it's actually nothing happened but this feeling is just so not right! Can anyone talk me through? Why is this happening? =(



  1. I worry of you, juz b'cos I care of u & juz b'coz I feel to do so.. It does not cost anything & not bothering for me to do so..I believe this is d same for all ur frenz who deeply cares about u.
    juz say it out.. after times talking about it, maybe u can figure out d 'structure' of ur thoughts? IMY my dear!~ wish to catch up wif u too, but I'm getting sore throat & couldn't speak rite nw T_T

  2. dear, it's gd dat u f d scientist urge 2 knw d reasons of evrtin. yet, for r/s, ter's no reason n unexplainable...mayb u'r nt wantin us 2 gif u d ans(we dun knw d ans btw)...is time dat u nid 2 get it over...of cz...WE'RE HERE to make it up for you :) lotsa *siwit siwit* for u since we cant get u the reAL siwit 2day =p


  3. Dearies..both of you make me cry when I read thru the comments..
    Cammy - Talking have been done but the structure is still blur..I know u all cares alot about me and I'm very glad to have you all rite beside me..But things got complicated..and only I myself can figure out this time..I guess I have to bare all by myself?
    huipin - Datz me..I tot I can get it over..It's an obvious no ans to a transparent question..I guess that's the term??like wart I said above..dont know what's the prob..and obviously no ans..maybe like wart Cherlyn said..I just hvnt get it over..maybe I need more time..

    *huggies* to both of you! ♥