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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Letter For MYSELF ♥ - Smile =)

Dear Whosoever,

Sometimes I wonder myself for long,
Wonder what reason you had that can keep me smile that long,
But then I realize it was you,
You are the reason that keep me smiling for so long.

There are times I feel like crying,
And life seems such a burden,
Looking up upon the rainy sky,
Behind the big gray clouds,
There's a bright blue sky,
And then I make my tears into a smile,
To make myself believe one smile worth a dozen frowns.

How can one smile such sweet smiles,
Even when one is saddened by sorrows for miles,
You taught me to keep that smile,
Reminding me there's a mile in every smile,
A well in every dwell.

Smile is a mystery,
Smile is magical,
I've learned to smile because of you,
And because of you, I'm smiling,
I've never thought a smile can be so beautiful,
For it's something that is of no value to anyone,
Not until it is given away,
Just like it is given to you.

I guess life it's just like that,
For a smile, it's the reason itself,
Give a great smile away,
While I'm pretty sure you can get one back to keep,
Smile before you rise,
Smile before you sleep,
And smile whenever you think of me.


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