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Sunday, June 5, 2011

I ♥ my Tumblr

Taa Daa!! I know I know...It's been awhile since the last update..but I was very busy with my work. Phew! I'm just too tired with designs nowadays. Oh well! Whatever! XD Let's move on..This post, I'm going to introduce you..my new so-called for short bloggy... TUMBLR!!

"That wasn't a dream"

Nope! i'm not going to stop my this bloggie of mine and my tumblr is for short and quick entries only. I just started few weeks ago and I've already posted about 45 entires! =D As you can see, my tumblr has a name and it's called "That wasn't a dream" I just need to remind myself how real is this world and I've to keep myself awake and cautious so that I won't be hurt. *nonsense* XD

=(((((((( sadness! I got only THREE followers.....

This is my tumblr back end page. And I only got THREE followers.. =(((( sad right? Anyway, if you too have a tumblr account, do follow me at krystlenotyou.tumblr.com and I will certainly follow you back! *xoxo*

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