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Sunday, June 5, 2011


People from all over the world is playing this game through Twitter. They tweets #factsaboutme follow by something statement about them and I thought why don't I join the crowd. But instead of tweeting it, I shall blog it out. Now, here comes the 100 #factsaboutme =)

1. #factsaboutme I like driving especially at night no matter it's alone or with friends but not when I'm stuck in a jam.
2. #factsaboutme I don't like alcohol but I just love to get drunk. Is there any other way?
3. #factsaboutme I don't really like to go home (Seremban) but I always miss my bed here. 
4. #factsaboutme I like hanging out with friends no matter who, just as long they keep me occupied.
5. #factsaboutme I love my jimuis. They know about me the most. *xoxo*
6. #factsaboutme I love my group. They always bring me laughter. =D
7. #factsaboutme When I'm all stressed up, most probably I will look for @daphneliciouz for dessertssss....
8. #factsaboutme I can continue sleeping the whole day without waking up. XD
9. #factsaboutme I hate the weather nowadays. When it's hot it can be DAMN hot! =S
10. #factsaboutme People always thinks that I'm tough, but I'm not actually.
11. #factsaboutme I like to care about people around me, but most of the time, I care for the wrong person and I hurt myself =(
12. #factsaboutme I don't mind giving out what I can do without asking for a payback.
13. #factsaboutme I like to learn things that I've never try before. 
14. #factsaboutme Although I like to try, but not on foods.
15. #factsaboutme I'm not a fan of Korean and Japanese cuisine.
16. #factsaboutme I can be very very very very scare of INSECTS.
17. #factsaboutme There's always someone in my mind that I miss. Always a random one.
18. #factsaboutme I LOVE my baby, but whenever I spend something on it, he will surely have other part that spoils. =(
19. #factsaboutme I love people to cuddle me to sleep.
20. #factsaboutme I can't live without my lappie. My darling is my everything for now.
21. #factsaboutme Although I'm related in IT field, I didn't know how to format a computer/laptop. What a failure! =X
22. #factsaboutme I like people to share their problems/secrets with me. It means they trust me.
23. #factsaboutme I never success installing the Adobe Master Collection. WTH!
24. #factsaboutme I love to blog but nowadays, I just can't find any good one to talk about.
25. #factsaboutme I just created a new Tumblr account and I'm lovin' it!
26. #factsaboutme I've more than a secrets in me which I could not share out to anyone. And I hate it.
27. #factsaboutme I've so much to tell, but there are times I just couldn't put them in words.
28. #factsaboutme I've never mention "FUCK" or any harsh words in front of my mum. =P
29. #factsaboutme I still couldn't get the right job for myself and I'm already at my middle of twenties. FML!
30. #factsaboutme I can hate bitches. REAL HATE.
31. #factsaboutme Although I hate, but there are still good memories that will refresh in my mind time to time.
32. #factsaboutme I love A Boi! Although he's naughty, but he can always cheer me up! ILY!
33. #factsaboutme I used to love chocolates. I still do, but not that much already. And make sure it's just chocolate without any additional nuts or fruits in it.
34. #factsaboutme I don't really like nuts, no matter is peanuts, cashew nuts or whatever!
35. #factsaboutme I love fruit drinks. I think that's the only way I get my vitamins. :p
36. #factsaboutme The best fruits that I love most is GREEN APPLE.
37. #factsaboutme I know english but from here, you should know how bad am I in it..especially my grammars! FTW!
38. #factsaboutme I only speaks basic mandarin and I'm sucks at it.
39. #factsaboutme I hate to do presentations! 
40. #factsaboutme I can sleep very late but I just hate to wake up early. I can only wake early if I sleep early!
41. #factsaboutme I'm still blur with what I want to do. DAMN!
42. #factsaboutme I hate aunties that always gossips to my mum because all those stories will come to me!
43. #factsaboutme I don't like gambling. Or maybe I'm afraid as I believe I will never have good lucks.
44. #factsaboutme I've never appreciate my boyfriends. Or I should say my EX-boyfriends. OH GREAT! =X
45. #factsaboutme I couldn't agree more that I care about my friends more than my sister.
46. #factsaboutme And this is why sometimes I get jealous over my friends who mad a great sisterhood or brotherhood. =S
47. #factsaboutme I always wish to have a brother who can protects me.
48. #factsaboutme I love Avril Lavigne but I've never have a real whole collection of her. =(
49. #factsaboutme I like travelling but not with my family but friends.
50. #factsaboutme I can't believe I have reached 50 of #factsaboutme within half an hour. =D
51. #factsaboutme I miss my school days especially during form 6.
52. #factsaboutme My favorite cartoon is  Tom and Jerry. 
53. #factsaboutme I love thriller and romance movies. 
54. #factsaboutme I don't really like action or scientific movies but I will still watch and it depends on the actors involved.
55. #factsaboutme I've got so much in my list to spend, but I got no money. =( 
56. #factsaboutme I always feel insecure.
57. #factsaboutme And that makes me doubt about myself everytime. SIGH!
58. #factsaboutme I'm just afraid to ask. Thus I always missed out the best for myself.
59. #factsaboutme I don't feel I belong here.
60. #factsaboutme I've crazy thoughts. Thoughts that can make me happy and forget the world. But it will never happen. ='(
61. #factsaboutme My real ambition is to be a forensic as I'm always eager to know but I fail my Biology! 
62. #factsaboutme I've more than FIVE social media accounts. But mostly I forget the login details. =X
63. #factsaboutme I used to have a collection of Mickey Mouse magazine and I wonder do they still have it in the market. 
64. #factsaboutme I wanted to try to have curly hair *as in wavy* but I always fail to keep my hair long! 
65. #factsaboutme I hate it when people twist my words and make it as their 'wise advice"
66. #factsaboutme I only dance when I'm in a club. =X
67. #factsaboutme I'm fat and short and I just need someone to force me to do my diets.  =( 
68. #factsaboutme I like to cry not because I'm emo all the time, it's because I just couldn't stop my tears.
69. #factsaboutme When I'm emo, I'm quiet. So, don't ask me stupid question..such as (You emo arh?)
70. #factsaboutme Fucking pissed off if someone does not keep his/her promise/words.
71. #factsaboutme I'm stubborn. Yes I am.
72. #factsaboutme The more you stop me to do something I want, the more I want to do it! =X (I guess this applied to my mum)
73. #factsaboutme I don't add any of my family members into my facebook, twitter or whatever account. I just don't like them getting involve in my social circle.
74. #factsaboutme I hate kiamsiap bosses! Especially those who said "This is for your own good". Ello!It's for your own good, not mine! FYL!
75. #factsaboutme I like to design, but I just don't have the skills and creativity to do it.
76. #factsaboutme I always think about what he thinks about me.
77. #factsaboutme I like going for midnight movie. That's the most relaxing time to enjoy a show.
78. #factsaboutme I hope to stay alone although currently I'm staying with my sister which makes no different. But I just want my own life.
79. #factsaboutme I just can't stay faraway from my friends. I can't live without them.
80. #factsaboutme I don't like people judging my way of living or the choices I should pick..especially my family.
81. #factsaboutme I don't mind gossiping as I do that too but never do paparazzi.
82. #factsaboutme I just don't like people runaway from the facts that they should face.
83. #factsaboutme I'm not chasing for a perfect love nor a perfect person. I'm just searching for someone who makes me feel "I'm PERFECT" just the way I am.
84. #factsaboutme I hate myself for treating him bad. I know I shouldn't and I know I'm taking granted of you. This is why I don't want to meet you. Sowie!
85. #factsaboutme I stop myself from being demanding as this will cause me to put in hopes on something.
86. #factsaboutme Sometimes I just do something that I don't like just to see people around me happy.
87. #factsaboutme I hate myself too as sometimes I runaway from facts that I should face. FML again!
88. #factsaboutme I always feels like cooking but when I make up my mind, I get lazy.... =O
89. #factsaboutme I don't sweat! =S
90. #factsaboutme I like playing with remote controls especially TV's!
91. #factsaboutme My mood always swings. ='(
92. #factsaboutme I like to join blogger's events but I've never been once because most of it is on weekends! >.<
93. #factsaboutme I'm a girl who will put up quotes explaining exactly how I feel at that moment. There's nothing to hide?
94. #factsaboutme I love watching the sea and enjoy the cool breeze.
95. #factsaboutme When I'm keeping quiet, means it's time to leave me alone and it's time for me to overcome my problems ALONE.
96. #factsaboutme I love people patting my head and kissing my forehead. It feels warm.
97. #factsaboutme I always don't know what I want, and when I know it's always too late. I hate the feeling of regret! o.O
98. #factsaboutme I always hope to know there's someone who do like me.
99. #factsaboutme I like gatherings! =)
100. #factsaboutme I'm very INDECISIVE! 

I bet there are more #factsaboutme. But for now...this is it! *hugs and kisses* =)

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