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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just......ORDINARY ♥

Life could sounds special,
When you don't search for something,
is when you find it,
and then for some reason,
you get found too.
When you don't ask for something,
somehow you end up getting it,
and so when you found it,
you get addicted to it,
and when you need it close,
that's the time you lose it.
But when it's gone,
it's then when you realize,
how much you really need it,
how much you really want it,
and how much you really love it.
We are who we are,
we don't know what we have until we recklessly lose it,
but by then it can be already too late.

My life could be special too,
For some reason,
you have found me,
you used to place me on the pedestal,
and I really don't stand that tall.
I asked you to let me down,
and look upon me as an ordinary person,
but then you have turn me into someone special,
and that's definitely not me at all.
My feelings are hidden behind my face,
somehow, I'm bound to disappoint you,
and shatter all your hopes on me.
Next, you left me hanging,
leaving things unspoken,
I've no choice but to fall flat on my face.
And now you are gone,
but I'm just used to having you,
used to needing you,
used to wanting you,
I guess I'm just too late,
realizing what I have and recklessly lose you.
After all, this is just an ordinary thing.

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