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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I LOVE the sea...I HEART the beach...

I just love the sea and beach!! Just back from my company trip which bring us to Port Dickson and Malacca (AGAIN!)...but I get to experience something good from this trip. My trip started with a beautiful beach in Port Dickson and ended my trip with a beautiful sunset sea view in Malacca (Portuguese Settlement)...

Morning scene ~~

hmm...why do I like the beach? Well..It's hard to explain..I always look at the sea from afar..and what I can see is nothing but water..there's no ending for this sea water..you will never know how far can this sea water go..you might be searching where's the ending point but there's actually none? I don't know..but to me..IT"S SOMETHING SPECIAL... And I love the wave too!!! ♥ 

The Beach

Scenery of the sea when it's low tide

Scenery of the sea when it's high tide *evening*

Banana boat! SHIOK!! =D

Group Photo #01

Portuguese Settlement in Malacca

Anis, Me and Mummy! 

It's quite a great experience and fun trip! =)

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