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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Ugly Truth

I've been hurt enough through out my life,
But yet I can't get the real deal from you,
I was naive and got lost in your eyes,
Lies are build one after another but I couldn't see it coming,
I was blinded by you,
As I thought you were send by God to protect me,
My life has changed since you were there for me,
I thought things will be better,
But I was wrong,
It was just the start.

I've never been hunger for you,
And when I thought we were meant to be,
You leave me hanging without a word,
There are words,
Words that I couldn't see at the start,
But now they are falling into place,
The questions in my heart are finally answered,
They were there all the time,
Answered by people who have stumbled upon it,
And have been warning me about it,
And yet, I didn't know, I didn't listen.

Did I just slips out from the reality?
Did I just fall asleep and enter a dreamland?
A dreamland which belongs to you and me?
The dreamland has finally turn out to be a nightmare,
A nightmare which I could not stop running away from it,
But now all your lies have finally shown themselves,
You are happy to see me fallen down,
And can't get back up from this heavy ground,
But you are wrong,
I didn't know my heart is that strong,
Trying to place the pieces back to where they belong,
No doubt this ugly truth is hard to accept,
But I will rather choose the ugly truth,
Over a pretty lie that comes from you.

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