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Saturday, October 30, 2010

- Emotion Overdose -

It was April I remember when I first met you,
You came into my life as a total stranger,
But my heart asked me to prepare,
To accept you to be a part of my life.

It was May and June I remember,
Something happened and changes my life,
Asking me to give up some friends of mine,
Maybe it's the time where I leave some space
for someone new in my life.

It was July and August I remember,
When we all starts to get along,
With the laughters and jokes around,
It brightens up my days even when you are not around.

It was September that came along,
Placing you in my heart where you belong,
Laughter is not only what we share,
Secrets and promises come along,
Honesty is what we are looking for.

And now it's already October,
When all things turns upside down,
Well, maybe it's not what I expected,
But I'm all prepared again,
Waiting for something different to happen.

November and December is what I'm waiting for,
Waiting for something that changes my life,
Waiting for something to bring me back,
Back to July and August or even September,
Where it's the time that I love most to belong.


  1. nice one my dear.. everything will be alright kay ♥

  2. Thanks babe..Kinda like poems nowadays..hopefully it does not sounds awful..
    I will be fine...*finger crossed* ♥

  3. be tough babe :) stay strong everything will just pass and it will be okay

  4. After rainy day will be a rainbow :P

  5. I love rainbows! And I'm waiting for one! =)

  6. Someday your rainbow will be out :)
    maybe you could see it at the next corner :)

  7. hopefully! =)
    thanks my dear! thanks for all the supports!