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Sunday, October 31, 2010

How We Used To Be!

It's just another poem that cross my mind.

Day one has never been easy for me to know you,
Day two is the start for me to get close to you,
Day three is the day that I start to accept you,

Day four it has change to a day which I can never wait for,
Day five is the day that you have turned to be my routine,
Day six is a day which I cant stop thinking of you,
While day seven is the hardest day as I can't live without missing you.

Each day represents weeks or months that we have been together,
Talking, laughing, playing, and bitching are what we used to do,
But no matter how many days, weeks or months we have been through,
Things will still change,
It's just not how we used to be or how we used to do.

I remember how you say our friendship will last forever,
I gave my heart out, trusting each and every words that came out,
It never crossed my mind that one day we will be like this,
Oh well, maybe this is the Day EIGHT that I've missed.

My mornings are getting colder,
My nights are getting wrestles,
I will never stop thinking about the day I might have to say it, 
the day that I might have to say "That's it!" .

Right now I just can't stop thinking what are all these about,
Thinking about the old you and the old me bitching around,
I just miss us as I remember how we used to be,
When nothing else matter but only you and me.

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