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Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Likey Melacca? I Likey Colleagues MORE!

Hmm..it's a cold rainy Friday night when all of us decided to leave Puchong for Melacca after our lovely dinner at "Kar Heong" ( a place that we usually have our meal in less than 15 minutes! ) LOL~ This trip to Melacca is organized by the two lovely ladies Vivian Tay and Cherlyn Chow and the whole trip is fully sponsored by our boss! Thanks Boss! =)

Participants in my car -  Me, Glen and Bryan

We arrived around 11pm and the first place we visited is Jonker Street!

Please focus on the church..not us!

Shiok sendiri before meeting the others!~

Taa Daa~~ The big gang!

The scandalous!! LMAO~

I just ♥ this photo so much! Thanks to the photographer~

From left - Fong, Bryan, Me and Ah Ti

Well, right after night walk, as usual, Billy complained he's hungry and Glendon ( our tour guide) decides to bring us to Portuguese Settlement to enjoy one of the famous ikan bakar there, but too bad, we choose the wrong stall and the food sucks! XD But I like the sea view over there..there's a long jetty so that we can get closer to the sea. Although it's too dark but I still can smell the salty water of the sea and feel the fresh air blowing towards my skin! I ♥ this freshness of the sea..


Glen, the Melacca tour guide!

David, busy with his coconut while photo-ing with me! hmph~

At last David put down his coconut to photo with us!

After the supper, we all move back to our tour guide's house for a night and the next day only we start our real activities! End of part one..part two will be up soon! LOL~
  Well..actually there more photos to share out but it's a bit too much for my bloggie.

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