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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Letter For MYSELF ♥

Dear Whosoever,

It’s yesterday,
All over again,
Just with a different name.

Watching daylight rise over these quiet hills,
Makes living seem so worthwhile,
The way the sun rises it's so delicately,
Seems to melt away my problems,
And fill me with thoughts of inner peace,
But things seems to be so fake,
So confused, yet perfectly clear,
Thoughts of joy, visions of fear,

It's all about the little things,
That you don't even notice you say,
I commit them all to memory,
They make my whole day,
The little things that no one has ever bothered,
To say to me before,
The things I never thought,
That I was worth enough to be told,
And everything about us as a good thing,
I want you to be happy,
And this is what I want to do now.

Or maybe not only today,
Seems like a dream to me,
Never been real as it before,
But nothing is important as for once in my life,
All these, seems to be alright for me.

Copyright - kRystLe-NOTyOu

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