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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Likey Melacca? I Likey Colleagues MORE! (Part 2)

This is where we stayed for our first night! The house is big and the
neighborhood is darn quiet! It's so peaceful!

Well, here comes part 2! Well, this is where we stay for our first night. The house is damn big! Only three girls sleeping in the room while eight of us lying everywhere in the living room searching for a place to sleep! We slept at around 3 something and woke up at around 7 something. 

And he sleeps like a pig even everyone has woke up and we make so much noise! PIGZZZ~

Well, we just sleep everywhere randomly. On the floor, sofas, nearby staircase and everywhere!! LOL!

And our morning has been brighten up by David! LMAO~ He fell off from his little bed! Nearly fell on Ah Ti but Ah Ti manage to grab his ass and push him back to his "bed". *hahahahaha* He's just too CUTE!

So, this is David and his little small size sofa bed which he nearly fall off while trying 
to turn around in his sleep! funneh!!
David! Still wana act yeng! =_='

Rise and shine. Everyone is awake and while waiting for the other three ladies *ahem* (the always late one XD ) to arrive we kinda do our own thing. Some played cards, some read newspaper, some was stealing foods from the fridge (I got evidence!!) and some busy playing with cameras! *tik tak tik tak* is just everywhere! I likey it! Then we decide to da bao chicken rice as our breakfast. *yummilicious*   ♥ mmm...hhhmmmmmm....

Look at the potato! Really beh ta han him! Trying to act as pro photographer pulak! *muahahaha*


This two "7" always have something going on! Trying to act cute to steal foods from the fridge!

No wonder our plums can finish up so fast. owh~ my juicy plums!

While waiting, some will be busy playing with cameras.. especially me!

I just LOVE all these photos! It's looks artistic! *LOL*

While others busy playing cards!

He pulak busy reading newspaper but he's without his specs! =_='

And at last, we decide to wait no more as everyone is hungry, so we went to da bao delicious and cheap CHICKEN RICE as our breakfast! It's yummylicious!
And soon enough we finish our breakfast, we at last received calls from the ladies asking us to meet them up straight at A Farmosa and off we go! We drove around 30 minutes to reach there. 

And off we go!

Before we walk in, we took a big family photo first! ♥ you all!

Put on sun blocks time! This two really got alot pattern! sigh!

The Three Late Comers!
Renn! Cant even open her eyes!

Cherlyn Chow!

And Viv!
And our first pit stop..THE WATER WORLD! Splashing, sliding, swimming, drowning, screaming, shouting and lots more! We tried most of the facilities there and at last we had our own game at the wave pool. *funzzzzzzz* And the losers gotta sing "Negaraku" just right in front of the crowd in the pool! *ROFL*

LOVE the randomness!

Tan Yen Choung!

Hui Pin Tay!

Jason Lim!

Cherlyn Chow!

He's trying to look cool!

Giselle, the sweet one!

David Beh Ming Yu!

Billy Tan!

The two gayssss!!
Bryan Cheng!
The big gang! waiting for our family ride slides!

At the wave pool!

This is the game that we played. And my group won!! Yay! *high 5*

David! trying to cheat us! How can he support Javerline from the back! tsk!tsk!tsk!

She's cute!

And she's sweet! *huggies*

And soon evening has arrived. It's already 4pm and we have to rush back to prepare our delicious steamboat dinner before moving our ass to the carnival at 830pm. Off we go to check in  to our three villas!!

We are all wet! And it's time to move to our villas!

Okay, please stay tuned for part 3 kay? Thanks!♥ '

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