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Friday, November 19, 2010

Avril Lavigne


Hmm....enough of my life. Let's move on to Avril Lavigne's life! She's been my idol since her first album and the song I love most from her "Let Go" album is Sk8er Boi! Love it!!  And she was only 17 when her first album is out! Oh well..here are some of her biodata..

Her Birth Name : Avril Ramona Lavigne
Date Of Birth : 27th September 1984
Origin : Napanee, Ontario, Canada
Occupations : Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Fashion Designer
Genres : Pop rock - Pop punk
Name of Albums : 1) Let Go (2000-2003)
                            2) Under My Skin (2004-2005)
                            3) The Best Damn Thing (2006-2008)
                            4) Yet to know but hopefully it will be out by this year! (2009-present)

When Avril first out to society, she was known for her tomboyish style, in her necktie and tank-top combinations. She preferred baggy clothes, skater shoes especially Converses and wristbands. LOL! During photo shoots, she preferred wearing old and crumpled T-shirts. She always has her own style and that's what I like her most! She's the best POP PUNK PRINCESS!! I'm impressed when every artist busy dressing up in glittering night gown or dress while she just put on her T-shirts and sneakers and walk through the red carpet! She ROCKS!!

Oh well, she began to date on of the lead singer and guitarist from band SUM 41, Deryck Whibley when she's 19! On 27th June 2005, Deryck finally proposed to her and their wedding was held in California on 15th July 2006! But sadly, on 17 September 2009 Avril and Deryck had split up and today are the date they officially DIVORCED! ugh~ Well, it lasted for about 3 years? hhmmmm....

She even acted in few movies..You guys can check it out. "Sabrina, the teenage witch. Going the distance. Fast Food Nation. Over the Hedge (voice of Heather). The Flock"

Here is the video that I like most from her first album, Sk8er Boi!

And this has been one of my favorite since the album is out! "My Happy Ending" from "Under My Skin"

Oh ya! You guys can also check her out on her website! http://www.avrillavigne.com/


  1. LOL. I gotta blog bout britney one day.. She's always my POP princess XP

  2. LOL! This is one of it only..Gotta blog about Miley and Taylor too..These are my idols at their age! Lots more to come~ =D