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Monday, November 8, 2010


HUGS in different languages :

Arabic - العنا\ق
Bulgarian - прегръдки
Chinese - 拥抱
Czech - objetí
Danish - knus
Finnish - haleja
French - câlins
German - Umarmungen
Greek - αγκαλιές
Italian - abbracci
Japanese - 抱擁
Korean - 안아
Norwegian - klemmer
Portugese - abraços
Romanian - îmbrăţişări
Russian - объятия
Spanish - abrazos
Swedish - kramar

What do you all understand by hugs? hhmmm....I don't know what you all think but hugs to me are something which not only involve physical touch but it's something that you can give out using your heart without any spoken words. A hug can say a thousand words, a hug can put things right again when everything seems wrong. A hug is actually a touch of heart! ♥

So, please remember to give me a hug the next time you see me. It might not mean anything to you but to me..it's EVERYTHING! *huggies*

Hug is placing your arms around them and give them a little squeeze,
Hug is not just a normal activity but it's a communication through heart,
Hug says a thousand words without a single spoken one,
Hug is something special which can bring natural smiles on the face,
Hug can put things right again when everything seems wrong,
Hug can feels like bears or butterfly wings,
Hug can warms your soul more than any earthly riches,
Hug sets a heart aglow when someone feelings low,
There's just no doubt about what a hug can do,
So stretch your arms without delay and give someone a hug today!

Oh well, that someone can always be me! ♥